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Happy Baba Navami (Vijaya Dasami to all Sai Devotees)

Anonymous Sai Devotee from India says:  First of all, thanks to admin of Sai Baba Miracles page, because of which all can know about miracles of Baba. I am regular reader of this blog. Really all experiences are miracles of Baba. Now I am going to share my experiences for the first time. I hope Baba will surely bless me for sending experiences in my later life also.

First experience:- I don’t remember when I became devotee of Baba. It was 2007. One day morning, when I woke up, my gold chain was missing. I searched throughout hostel along with my friends. But could not find it. I was just about to cry. I don’t know what to do at that time. I could not tell to my parents because it is costly. I was just praying to Baba to get back my chain. As I wondered whole hostel I could not find it anywhere. But I have remembered that it was with me the previous night. How can it go within one night? I was praying Baba to show me grace and do miracles so that I could get back gold chain. Can anyone think how I got my chain back? No one can believe my answer. But it’s true. I was wearing black dress on that day. After searching for long time, a girl next to my room came to me and gave me gold chain which was hanging to back side of my dress. I never thought that I would get back my chain like this. I really thanked her and Baba from bottom of my heart. Usually when I was searching along with my friends, they were with me. But they could not notice it even though it is black dress. (Chain can be easily visible on black dress). I strongly believe that Baba Himself sent that girl to help me in this aspect. Thank You so much Baba. I still wore that chain. I believe that it is gift Baba gave to me.

Second experience: – Some years back, I was suffering from health issues and i applied powerful ointments and no result. I could not tell my parents about this situation as I was in hostel. I could not understand what to do. I was just praying to Baba to cure my health. Some days later I thought of applying turmeric to the affected part and prayed to Baba to cure my disease. I was not knowing Udi miracles at that time. So, I applied turmeric but Baba helped me and cured disease. After knowing about Baba Udi miracles, I was applying Udi for each health issue or drink water mixed with Udi. My health will be good after that. So, I strongly believe Baba that He is there with me in all situations. Baba will be helping my mom and dad in each and every aspect. Even my sister is devotee of Baba. My mom and dad also believe Baba.

Third experience: – My mom was suffering from arthritis some years back. She took almost all medicines but could not cure it. Doctors told to go for operation but we were very afraid of that. My whole family was worshipping Baba for helping us. Yes, this time also my Baba helped my mom to cure arthritis. Some of my relatives were also suffering with this disease they told that they used some medicines. My mom also used those medicines and arthritis was cured almost. Now my mom can walk much better. This is only because of God’s grace. Even we were not knowing about Udi miracle at that time. But My Baba has cured my mom’s disease and she is feeling much better now. I can’t stay without thanking Baba for everything He gave me in this life.

Fourth experience: – Some days back, my dad got some problem in his work regarding money. My dad was much tensed at that time. We were asking Baba to help my dad get out of this situation. Baba really helped my dad to come out of this situation within 1 week. This is a miracle. No one could do this, except Baba. My sister is working in reputed MNC in a training batch. She has to clear exams then only they will allowcontinuing in that company. She is much tensed about her job. Because she got that job after so many months. No one helped her to get job during job searching. So, my family left this situation to Baba and thought Baba should only help us. By Baba’s grace, she got a very good job in good company but she has to clear exams. Till now she passed in some exams and she failed in some. She is getting very tensed about this. I believe strongly that Baba will make some miracles in that exams and see that she pass all exams from now onwards. Baba please forgives my sister sins if any present and help her to get out of this. Please see that she pass all exams and get placed for good project in same company and in same place she completes her training within 2 months. I will share my experience again after she gets placed in same company at same city.

Baba please do some miracle and allow me to post another miracle in this blog. Baba, You are the only one who could relieve my sister tension. Please help my family and all others in this world from all dangers. Please show me Your grace and blessings on my family all the time. Please help all Your devotees. Thank You so much for everything Baba. There are no other words to describe You. We just can share Your miracles with others and help others to know about You Baba. Please help me to post next experience as soon as possible Baba (my sister should be placed in same company at same place).


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