Wonderful Miracle Of Sai Baba – Devotee from Usa

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I will narrate a few experiences that i had in my life. I knew Baba from my childhood. I used to go every Thursday to His temple near my house. I used to think of Him as my every relation like Mom, Dad, and Grand-father etc. I used to talk to Him. I used to think that He comes and sits on my bed and i sleep with my head on His lap.

Experience 1: When i was in Chennai, my daughter was 10 months old and she can crawl. We had three balconies in my 3rd floor apartment. Two balconies from each of the two bedrooms and one in the Kitchen. My daughter was sleeping in the bedroom with the balcony door open. There is a small round opening in the balcony to look out. The kitchen balcony door can be opened from inside but cannot be opened from outside once locked. The fire-fighters had to remove the outside lock in an earlier incident when my father in law had left a pot of water on the gas and left the house without switching it off and me and my husband were in the office at that time. My daughter was sleeping in the bedroom floor on a mat on a weekend. Nobody was in the house except me and my daughter. I went to the kitchen balcony to throw the trash in the trash can. The bedroom balcony door was also open.

Suddenly the wind blew and i was locked out in the kitchen balcony. I was not able to open the door from outside as it was shut tight. Then i shouted for help from the balcony. My neighbor came and said she will call the fire-fighters and she told she will ask someone to stand near the bedroom balcony in case my daughter gets up and crawls out. I was praying Baba very hard. In a few minutes this miracle happened. The door opened automatically and i was not able to believe anything. I just ran inside and took my daughter and then informed my neighbors None was able to believe anything that happened. Me and my husband again locked the balcony and tried opening from outside with one of us outside, but we could not. It is Baba’s grace and blessing that saved us. I will narrate the other experiences again next week. Bow to Sri Sai. Om Jai Sai Nathaya Namah


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