Sai Baba Miracles: Baba Asked Me to Read the Parayana and Saved Me from Sever Health Issue, Baba Heals Everything

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aba Asked Me to Read the Parayana and Saved Me from Sever Health Issue

I bought Sai Satcharitra book many years ago, but I don’t like to read big books or general I don’t like to read. I will listen and watch but not read. If it’s a religious story and short, I will but not a big book. I had this book on my bookshelf for a long. One day I saw the book and started feeling guilty for not opening it and reading it. The very next day I saw a message from my nephew, who is in India but not a solid believer in Baba.

He shared a pdf, and I started following the steps. After few days I realized that this is the same book that I have. I was very happy finally, many years later I opened this book and started reading every Thursday as my assigned chapters. Now it didn’t end here, as I said, I don’t like to read especially big books, this year don’t know why but one Thursday I started to read Satcharitra book.

One day I got thought why baba is making me read this book? I started thinking something was coming, and baba is preparing me. I gave a regular health check-up appointment 2 months before this incident and doctor told me now I should have memogram at least one time. She has been telling me for many years, but since I don’t have any family history and on top of I was scared of the pain to go through.

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I wasn’t sure I wanted to do so, but I rescheduled that appointment before a month ago, I got a call from dr for confirmation, and I said ok, let me just do a one-time mammogram since the appointment is on Thursday it should b fine. I did my 1st memo; they told me I need a sonogram because, on my left breast, they see something, but it’s not clear. I didn’t tell my family anything I went for my sonogram, and after that same day, they told me I needed a biopsy on the left breast. I said can you do it today and they said sorry, and I have to make another appointment.

I asked what day was available, answered next Thursday. I took it right away because of Thursday. I was very afraid because I don’t like injections and all these procedures. I didn’t tell anyone in my family, and only Baba knew everything. I was afraid of being myself, but my mind was strong knowing baba is with me, and I read this book every day. Waiting room, before I went in, I kept reading Sai Satcharitra. Baba came as a doctor and did my procedure without giving me a pinch of pain. Of course, during this time, baba already started making me read Parayan by myself, and my result also came negative.

Thanks to my baba for being with me all the time. This is baba’s Leela, and he made me read the book and took all my worries away. He is my deva and Mahadeva. He is everything to me. I am not sure this story is enough for you guys to believe in him, but people who believe in him know his Leela’s as well, but as I said, I promised to baba share this experience here I am. Sorry, baba, I took very long to share my experience, but with your blessing today, I can share this. Thank you, baba, for everything and for being in my life. I know you have your ways of teaching lessons to people, and thanks for being in my life and expecting you in every life.

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Baba Heals Everything

Hi, my name is Preethi, and I live in the US with my husband and two kids. 4 weeks back, I had a headache and ear pain, and for almost 2 weeks, I thought it was related to sinus. I took steam and other things to make myself better. Then one day, I felt my headache was not going at all and went to my doctor. She said I had an ear infection and put me on antibiotics. I started taking the antibiotics, and that gave me bad allergies the doctor changed the antibiotics again, and that didn’t suit me again. Then I went to the doctor again, and she gave me ear drops I was religiously putting them on for 1 week, but the pain was still there. Then, I started worrying about why my headache and ear pain were not improving.

I went to another doctor again, and he gave me another antibiotic I had for 1 week but still, I was not getting better. I started to get more anxious now, and I went to an ENT specialist she looked at my ears and everything, and she said all looked normal, and she suggested my pain could be coming from my neck. Now I was in a situation that made me worried and think of the worst every day and night. I could not sleep and cried to Baba every day about what was happening to me and not getting a solution. I cried to baba, asking me to make it better. Then a lot of my friends started to scare me if I scan my head, etc., and one day, I started crying to my husband about when I will get better.

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The next day I gathered the courage to go to an emergency hospital, and I waited for 5 hours to see a doctor. The doctor couldn’t figure out the reason for my headache, and he suggested a CAT scan, which scared me to the core. But I went through everything, and the doctor cleared that the results were normal. this brought a big relief to me. I prayed to baba every day, and he didn’t let me down. Again the doctor told me it could be from my neck. Al, though there was no concrete answer, I got a big sigh of relief, and I was very thankful for baba that these days passed. I am still not completely fine, but by Baba’s grace, I am slowly recovering, whatever may be the reason. My faith in baba increased, and I will always surrender under his feet.


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