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Baba Health Healing Miracle:

The following experience is about Baba Health Healing Miracle.

Sai Devotee from India writes:

Sai Baba entered my life in 2000 when I was going through a really difficult situation in my life and since then He has become my be-all and end-all. He has been with me through every up and down and all of that I’m in my life now, I owe it to Him. Without my parent’s blessings, I would not happen to be writing this article now and how many ever thanks, I give them, it’ll never be enough. As I mentioned above, Baba was with me for the last 17 decades and there have been innumerable everyday wonders that He has performed. Whenever I’ve told Him an issue or cried on His shoulders, He has always solved it, sometimes it may not have been the outcome or solution I have desired or was looking for but it has always turned out good for me.

What I wanted to write was the current experience I’d about Baba’s grace where He pulled my family ashore from tumultuous times. It was mid of March 2017 I had been scheduled to go to Pune and from there go to Shirdi on my annual trip and all of a sudden, both my parents took sick and after a few doctor’s trips, we understood that it was an attack of Herpes Zoster. For my dad, it was the 2nd reoccurrence and was not that painful but for my mother, it was the very first and the sores started out of her left back through her left underarm and until the middle of her torso and she had been fighting with high fever and pain (this infection is a secondary form of chickenpox and attacks the nerves and for individuals over 65, the pain can be unbearable running for months or weeks). In the midst of this, in a couple of days, my father was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate and was advised an emergency surgical procedure which the doctor said would entail 4 days of hospitalization. My mother’s infection was infectious especially for smaller children and elderly people so that I along with my brother told her that we’ll look after dad and she simply needs to break at home.

Keep Faith in Sai.
Keep Faith in Sai.

My brother stays close by to our house and he has two small children and my sister-in-law, unfortunately, could not return to our home for a complete-time as children could catch the disease. My mother said she could look after herself and simply concentrate on dad and because it was just 4 days she would manage. While on hand I was glad this happened before my scheduled trip, on the flip side, I was also angry I couldn’t go to Shirdi. But I consoled myself saying I had been wanted with my parents more at that point and Baba would phone me to Shirdi soon. We confessed my father and the physicians performed the necessary preliminary evaluations to ensure his overall health parameters were okay so the operation could be scheduled.

My father has polio and has had multiple operations on his feet (in his teens) to ensure he can place shoes and walk he’s also had several other operations ( later on in life) to get a hernia, knee fracture, ear holes. But he’s been a strong individual, never allowing his physical challenges to bow down him or stop him from attaining what he wanted in life. He also thought that prevention is always better than cure and consistently done regular standard health checkups (because he is a BP patient and has had slight heart problems too).

Coming back to the present, the preliminary test results appeared a surprise, his serum sodium levels were rather low and the physicians were amazed how my father was functioning normally, as normal, people with low sodium have severe disorientation, cramping in the human body, and may have fainting spells. My dad had just minor cramping from a few months, which he used to wonder why and then would blame it on his slow movements and era. The doctor informed us that fortunately, we could learn since he had been admitted; otherwise, it might have been severe. I truly thanked Sai for this. My dad was catheterized to assist him to pass pee and he was told by his urologist that even after surgery and he go home, he might have to have the catheter for several weeks so he heals and can pass urine normally. My dad was very worried that because he walks gradually with help of a walker, the way could have the ability to manage with a catheter and a urine bag for a few weeks in your home. We advised him to not worry and God will show away and only now only to focus on getting during his performance.

The nephrologists who had been tracking daddy’s sodium levels told me that the surgery couldn’t be done till sodium levels were up because else there could be complications article surgery. So they began him and extra sodium tablets to receive his serum levels up. But days moved on but the reading was not reaching the normal selection. On the 7th day of admission ( it was a Thursday) we were all very dejected because the urologist said that because the sodium levels were not coming up, and they could not proceed with the surgery, so they said they were contemplating discharging my father using the catheter, so that he could continue his medicine in the home and we could reunite after 2-3 months to assess the circumstance. We were thinking about how can we handle this, it was quite stressful, and also at home mother was battling her debilitating herpes all by herself. So I hurried to the nearby Sai Baba Mandir that I usually frequent. Luckily for me when I attained, the morning Aarti was going on and that I prayed fervently for Baba to help us and that somehow the sodium levels should go up and dad should get discharged only after the surgery. That day the urologist told me that the salt levels were slowly inching up and looking at daddy’s condition it had been better to wait and complete this operation prior to discharge.

Baba You are Great!.
Baba You are Great!.

I chose to pray and see Satcharitra every day asking Baba to show us the light. Finally, about the 11th day of admission, my dad’s salt levels came up and they moved ahead with the surgery and it was an achievement. However, there was still another complication instantly post the surgery my dad wasn’t getting bowel motions, resulting in very poor constipation. All doctors’ best efforts couldn’t assist him and the urologist didn’t want to discharge my father without this issue being solved. Again it was Baba Who came to our rescue, a fantastic gastroenterologist was advocated who proposed a different laxative which helped the father of his situation, and ultimately about the 16th day of admitting my dad to the hospital, the urologist said they were ready to release my dad, however, they’d attempt to eliminate the catheter I personally, if he managed to pass urine on his own, it was fine but else they will re-catheterize and discharge.

Baba revealed His grace again and again within 4 hours of removing the catheter my father was able to pass urine on his own and the physician said it was fantastic (generally patients of his age, need to be catheterized for two -4 weeks following operation) and possibly the 2 weeks catheterization before surgery ( and surgery was delayed) helped it. That’s when Sai’s wonder and what He’d done dawned on us. 1) Due to the illness, we came to know of dad’s low sodium levels and 2) due to the delay in surgery; the catheterization phase ended in the hospital and could go home normally.

Post coming home, we had another scare as within 1 week he developed a double vision which worsened along with his ophthalmologist said it was muscle weakness and we ought to perform a CT scan just to eliminate anything serious. We were worried but had also complete faith in Baba that He will take care. By Sai’s grace, the reports came regular and the doctor said this to ignore it and he had a feeling that this dual vision would vanish in a couple of weeks. Exactly, in the same way, my dad’s double vision vanished and the doctor said it may be because of a tiny clot which would have formed through operation they’d stopped his blood thinner medications during surgery) which has solved itself so now everything will be ok. We couldn’t thank Sai enough.

My mother in the meantime had been suffering from very bad nerve pain because of the herpes assault but Sai had appeared after her also, giving her the strength to gradually recuperate. I, therefore, proposed my Pune and Shirdi trip, and only a few days before the trip I found out lumps on my left side of their neck which were become enlarged lymph nodes. I got very worried as it could be serious and rushed to an oncologist who informed an ultrasound. I did the ultrasound on a Thursday, my Sai’s day and I was convinced he would make everything all right. The report showed no abnormality and the doctor advised me to appraise it following a couple of weeks. I have come to Pune now and scheduled for a Shirdi visit on 14th June. I would like to go give my thanks to my Lord looking after my parents and pray to Him for my health. I am sure that He will take good care of me as always and I will not have any health problems. I would be very thankful if you can print my story so that devotees can read and know that Baba is there with us always, nor does He let us down and He won’t give us anything that we can not manage and His grace will always glow. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. good day,madam
    I am so happy for you that all ended well.Baba is the ultimate.
    he is merciful and your faith in him helped you to come out of the situation smoothly.


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