Sai Baba Miracles: Sai Baba Helped Me Through a Dream, Sai Baba Please Forgive Me, Sai Baba Helped Me to Get PhD Admission, Sai Baba Gave Me a Green Card

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Sai Baba Helped Me Through Dream

Om Sai Ram. Jai Sai Ram. I’m delighted to share a deeply personal experience with all of you. During my toughest times, I often turned to a question-answer platform related to Sai Baba for guidance. Prior to my marriage, while I was employed, I diligently saved a portion of my salary for future needs. However, after resigning, I had aspirations to purchase a two-wheeler and some essential items using my savings. Though the amount saved wasn’t substantial, thoughts about these purchases frequently occupied my mind.

One day, I had a dream where two numbers appeared: 55 and another single-digit number which I couldn’t recall upon waking up. Intrigued by this, I pondered the significance and decided to seek answers online. Upon finding the number 55, I was taken aback by the response: “save for the future.” This deeply resonated with me, prompting me to relinquish my desire to buy the scooter. However, I continued to question why Baba had conveyed this message persistently.

Three months later, my marriage was arranged, and my parents required significant financial assistance. Understanding their struggles, I decided to allocate my entire savings to support them. It was then that I comprehended Sai Baba’s hint, realizing that his message had been meant for this precise situation. Reflecting on this incident fills me with an overwhelming sense of being blessed. Words fail to capture the gratitude I hold for Baba. Thank you, Appa. Om Sai Ram. Jai Sai Ram

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I Am What I am Because of Sai Baba

Omsairam, I am one of those devotees who believe that they are alive because of his blessings. I have struggled a lot in my life in all ways but I always felt assured that I am not alone and he is holding my hand every second. There were days when I struggled a lot to keep myself and my kids in peaceful situations with everything going wrong and everyone blaming me when the person who troubled us played the victim and did the bad propaganda, and I started losing hope like always.

He held my hand, my baba. He made the impossible possible. I didn’t imagine that I would land a job, but with his blessings, I did, and I started gaining confidence and courage. He is walking with me everywhere guiding me wherever I go and whatever I do. Now I can see hope in my life. I believe completely that I am going to see very good things in my future, and I will be worry-free. Friends and devotees of Baba, my humble request to you all is Baba unusually shows his blessings.

We feel things are complicated, but he knows that he is going to pull us out of whatever problems we are facing right now, so please be patient for a little while. He knows how to help us. Please don’t give up. Trust me, I used to say that, I will believe you after you land me a job. He won’t have to prove his existence to people like me who won’t even do Pooja regularly, but he did like he said he is going to take care of his kids even when they are far way behind seven seas.

Friends, no matter what happens in life, just hold his feet. He will lead you on the right path soon. I know how frustrating it would be when we are crying and people say it will be fine soon. We think that they don’t know the pain we are undergoing, but again I know the pain and suffering, and still, I am saying that he is coming to help you. He will because he is our beloved father who took care of us till now. He is the one who is making you read this, so he is going to shower his blessings. Don’t give up hope.

I have experienced a lot of miracles during this Parayan; please don’t stop reading Sathcharitra. Even now, I am having a few problems, but I am confident that he will pull me out of those and he will land me a wonderful job that is good for me. I am what I am because of Sai Baba. I will always be grateful to him. Baba, as you have blessed me, please bless everyone who is waiting for you. Om Sai Ram, may everyone be blessed with happiness and success.

Sai Baba Gave Me a Green Card

Om Sai Ram. I had been wanting to read the Sai Satcharita for quite a few months but had not brought myself to do so. While surfing the YouTube videos, I happened to come across one where the host mentioned just reading the book without any expectations. He simply wanted to read it and share his experiences.

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I took this on board as well, and without any expectation in mind, I, too, decided to read the book as per the directions given on this site. So I started on a Friday with the hope of ending on the following Thursday. I found the read quite challenging especially because of the way it is written. However, I did promise myself that if I do manage to finish it on time, I will make and offer halwa to Sai Baba. Please note that I do not cook and have certainly never made halwa before.

To put some context to the miracle, my green card process was also going along during this time frame, but I already had faith in Baba, so the Green Card (GC) was never a part of this test equation. It so happened that on the following Monday (after I had started the reading), I got a call from the USCIS office in Santiago asking me to urgently fax them a form so that they could complete my GC application and issue the cards.

I am not sure if this is something that people have experienced, but as per my lawyers, USCIS officers very rarely call applicants directly. The sense of urgency from their end was not something any of us had experienced. The important thing is that I was successful in completing the Sai Satcharita on Thursday as planned and was able to make halwa by Baba’s grace and offer it to him. Rest assured, the GCs arrived the following week for the whole family.

Reading the Sai Satcharita without any expectations was really very wonderful as I was able to focus on Baba rather than anything else. It brought me closer to him, and I feel him with me more often now than before. He has reassured me that he is always there with me and will always remain with me. It has deepened my belief even more, and I pray it does the same for all of Baba’s devotees.

Sai Baba Please Forgive Me

Today I am describing my Sai Leela. My family members and I are huge devotees of Sai Baba. I have met so many miracles in my life. Ups and downs come in everybody’s life, but with Our Baba’s Grace and blessing, we all are overcoming this. My Daughter did her MBA, and in the campus selection, she reached the final round of Interviews and was rejected. At last, she was selected by ICICI Bank, but even after 4 months, she did not get the offer letter.

She told me, Mom, it seems Baba is playing with me and testing my patience, but I am sorry, I don’t have that much patience, and don’t force me to do pooja at all. Because she has her Degree, she has been waiting for a job, and all her friends are getting jobs, but she remains jobless despite having a degree. I am also so upset seeing her because she is a topper student in School or College, but then she is not getting a job.

I also almost lost faith in God, and I discussed this matter, saying that God is not there, and I stopped reading Sai Satcharitra and Sai Baba 9 days Divya Pooja. Suddenly one fine day, my daughter said Mom, I got an offer letter as an Assistant Manager Post with a good package. We all were very happy, and I prayed to Baba and asked for sorry for my mistake. Om Sai Ram. Baba, forgive me, please.

Sai Baba Helped Me to Get PhD Admission

I’m a mother of two toddlers, and unfortunately, my husband’s business suffered losses, leaving us without any income. We moved in with his parents, but they started blaming us for relying on them for our basic needs. His mother frequently insulted me, and even their maid joined in with hurtful comments. I used to work as an Assistant Professor at a private college before I got married, but after a seven-year gap due to a layoff, I felt unsure about continuing in that profession. This uncertainty and the stress of restarting my career kept me up at night for five years.

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I felt lost and didn’t know where to begin or how to navigate this situation. Amidst my search for guidance, I repeatedly encountered Sai Baba’s message promising a job that would bring happiness and assurance of passing an exam. At one point, almost dismissively, I absentmindedly flipped through a newspaper while putting my baby to sleep on a Thursday. That’s when a miracle happened—I stumbled upon a job opening for an assistant professor. Seeking permission from Sai Baba, I attended the interview and got the job. It was a great experience.

Simultaneously, I applied for a Ph.D. entrance exam, a challenging test I struggled to prepare for due to my son’s health issues. Yet, with Sai’s support, I miraculously secured the 42nd rank. The next hurdle was a presentation, which I hadn’t had time to prepare for due to my responsibilities at home and work. Taking a brief leave, I dedicated two days to prepare, and during the presentation, my Head of Department gave a thumbs-up, and everyone praised me. It was another miracle guided by Sai Baba.

However, when I enrolled for my PhD my younger son fell ill again, causing a month of struggle with consecutive health issues among my family members. Eventually, I decided to step back from pursuing my Ph.D. as I had already resigned from my job to care for my son. I couldn’t focus on my Ph.D. amidst these health concerns. But one morning, by chance, I stumbled upon a motivational YouTube video about a woman starting her UPSC journey at 30. It sparked positive thoughts in me, and with Sai Baba’s guidance, I found the strength to return to college. Sai Baba always provides hints and guidance in various ways, and this is yet another example. I’m grateful to Sai Baba. Om Sai Ram. Jai Sai Ram.


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