Have Faith, Miracles Happen Everyday – Anonymous Sai Devotee from India

The below experience is of a devotee who has shared few of her life experiences with Lord Sai Baba.

Anonymous devotee from India says: I am a Sai Baba daughter from Ludhiana. Kindly do not disclose my name and email. I would like be an anonymous. I would also like to mention that I am Baba’s child and devotee since childhood. I request the controller to make changes If required. Sai Baba please forgive, If I jot down anything erroneously which is not required or doesn’t seem good. I have numerous experiences, out of which I would share few.

Experience 1: Its 17 years back story, I was hardly 9 years old and only child of my parents. Like in India, after Navratres, we do Kanya Pooja (Worship small girls as Goddess Durga), in my neighborhood. I also went for the same, where the owner of the house was lady she said, “Who so ever has a brother will only get a ball”, I being a girl only asked for the toy ball, to which she refused stating I don’t have brother, so I won’t get the same, at that time it’s quite, but once I came back home, I cried out loudly that I also want a brother, I wouldn’t tie rakhi to my cousin brother, I need a brother of my own. But I didn’t know about my mother’s health condition at that time, that there are certain complications ifmy mother would conceive, being very small.

In same year 1996, we went Mumbai where my (Fufa ji) Paternal Uncle was posted. Being there in Mumbai all elders decided to visit Shirdi, and I was excited too, but that time I didn’t know much about Our Sai Baba, I was excited for a trip though. After visiting Shirdi everyone asked me to pray God to bless me with a brother, and I also prayed Sai Baba to bless me with a brother and also please fulfill everyone’s wish. In Nov 1997 I was blessed with a brother, my joy has no boundaries. I am happy like anything. And most importantly how I come to know about the news is, It was Thursday, I just landed out of my school bus, and near Famous Jama Masjid, Ludhiana, I was coming back to my home after school, my neighborhood Aunt stopped me on my way and said ” You are blessed with a Brother”. I was on cloud nine. And again in 1998 we went Shirdi to pay our regards to Baba Sai.

Experience 2:- I was madly in love with a guy, I trusted him like anything, I believed his lie, and always forgive him. In 2010, I came to know he got engaged, but he didn’t tell me. It was his friend who texted me. I was shattered like anything. It was day of Holi, we went to play Holi at Lord Krishna Temple, after visiting there I cried before Lord Krishna, I was playing colors, but was not enjoying as I was heartbroken. Then we all headed towards Sai Dham in Ludhiana, once I entered temple, tears rolled out of my eyes, I begged Sai ji to return me back my love. I didn’t utter single word. It was only tears who were expressing my pain to him.

It was Saturday when we all went Sai Mandir, and in five days, I got a call from a guy, whom I loved that he needs a chance, he broke off his Sai Baba engagement. I didn’t utter a single word, and thanked Sai Baba. And I forgave him. This is how listened me. But unfortunately trusting him back and forgiving him was biggest mistake of my life, as he betrayed my trust again and in 2012 he got married to a girl whom his family chose. But that’s okay, I always believed may be Sai Baba ji is writing best love story for me.

Experience 3: In year 2012, I fasted, and kept Sai Baba ji Vrat. It was during that period or after Vrat, I don’t remember exactly, I was on my scooter to the way for office. The moment I crossed my lane, I saw an old Baba dressed like Sai Baba ji, in Orange Kafni (Robe) and his head was also covered like Sai Baba ji does. I was silent at that moment. I wanted to speak but my lips were zipped, I couldn’t speak a single word, tears rolled out of my office, I stood there for 3-4 minutes but couldn’t speak, all I was seeing only and I drove for office.

Experience 4 and 5:- Since its marriageable age, my family is looking for a suitable match, my family suggested me to post my profile on some matrimony site, and I did. It was in September 13 I came across a boy, whom I don’t know why I felt connected and we contacted, and started liking each other. Gradually that liking changed into love. But unfortunately, my brother called him and spoke wrong to him to which he isn’t talking to me since October. Though indirectly he is in touch and wants to be connected, but it’s his ego which is killing me, I really love him. In December 2013, I am going through rough period of my life, I do sometimes lose hope and sometimes after seeing you I get strong hope that you are with me. One night after crying a lot, I had a dream that me and my friends are coming back from some place but our train was late from scheduled time, so through someone we got to know that Sai Baba is at some place we can visit them. And we three (me and two of my best friends) rode a scooter and went to that place, it was dark place, and we went up via stairs, and there was a huge light like sunshine, and there was our Sai Baba. I lied in his feet and begged him to please bless me with a person I love so very much, and please make me marry him, he bent down and helped me getting up, and he blessed me by keeping his hand on my head, though he didn’t say yes or no, but he nodded his head and smiled, tears were rolling out of my eyes to get such love from my Sai Baba, and when I opened my eyes, tears were actually in my eyes. And I felt so blessed that I can’t express, as Sai Baba himself says “I am not only in Shirdi my presence in dream is as auspicious as Shirdi.

Experience 6:- On 1st January 2014, before going to office, I said my mother to be ready, as in evening we would go and pay visit to Sai Baba Temple. After reaching office, and looking after initial work, I opened mysai.org, there I asked question to baba to which answer was very surprised. His answer was “Go to shirdi and see Sri Sai Baba, your wish will be fulfilled”. Again I was in tears that Sai Baba wants me to visit him, and I went as well, and prayed before him. At the end all I want to say is waiting for my dream to come true and I am sure it will come true, as Sai Baba never lies, we human lies everyday not only to others but to our God also, by saying you don’t know God, what we are going through, but truth is he is everywhere and knows everything. I request you all please pray Sai Baba so that he comes back to me, I know he loves me, it’s his just his ego, which is coming in between. Please Sai Baba ji, you always listen your children, please listen me as well. I know you will listen.

Om Sai Ram. Being a human I always get impatient and sometimes get angry as well, but I really do love you Sai Ma, you are everything to me, sometimes I can’t tell anything to anyone, its only you with whom I can share everything. All I want is Baba please always be with us, whatever the situation might be , I can bear anyone’s hatred and betrayal but not yours Sai Baba. So, please always keep your hand on me and on all your children who consider you as everything and they mean it. And Baba please give me chance in future too to share miracle you do in my life in my love life in fact. Shri Satchidananda Sadguru Sainadh Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sai Ram, Your daughter.


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