Couple of Sai Miracles -Devotee From India

1) Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am Baba devotee from days of my engineering. Now i am pursuing my MBA. I am in love with a guy. We were together for 10 months.

For these 10 months i was so happy. We decided to get married. Suddenly without any reason he stopped talking and after a week he said that he is not happy with me. I was shocked and could not stop crying. I am completely depressed. I tried many times to be away from him but could not be even for asecond. I truly love him and want to give him all the happiness. I prayed Baba to give him back. I read Sai Satcharitra.

One day i asked “baba please tell me when i will get my love back”. Reply was, “From four days of your questioning you will get what you wished to”.

To my surprise the fourth day i.e after nearly 2 months he talked to me. He droped me on his bike, we had panipuri. JI was totally shocked at the incident. I pray Baba to please make him my better half. I wish to have him throughout my life. Thanks a lot baba for fulfilling my wish. Please bless me that i will gethim back. Dear Sai devotee never give up trust in Sai. What He needs from us is Shradda. He will give you everything you need if you show real faith in Him. Just chant Om Sai Ram.

2)Anonymous Devotee from India says: Today what i am is only because blessings of SAI BABA. I always had a kind of love towards BABA right from my childhood. His calm face always gave me inner peace but i never prayed to Him seriously. For past couple of years i had chance to watch His devotees closely and how BABA made miracles in their life and i started to realise the presence of BABA but i always had a feeling that i am not that worthy to get His blessings like other devotees.

After completing Engineering i was without job for six months i didnt know what to do all of a sudden i started to hate my life. “Shraddha & Saburi ” these two words kept my faith on BABA and i started to pray to Him endlessly to give me a job. Now am working in a MNC only because of blessings and I got information about this job opening through a SAI devotee. Then i realised that He listens to us He is always near to us and He treats all of His children equally. BABA helps His devotees through His devotees. Only thing i can say as a SAI devotee is that keep faith on BABA. He tests our faith on HIM at the atmost level but He will never leave us alone. He is always beside us He takes care of us and love us more than we do HIM. I owe my life at the holy feet of BABA. I am nothing without You. Always Trust HIM he will save you at any cost. OM SAI RAM.


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