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Murthy writes: “My father was a manager in a silk factory at Chamaraja Nagara, near Mysore. We are seven children to our parents. I am the eldest. I have four sisters and two brothers. One of my brothers, Ramesh lives in Bangalore. My second sister lives in Mysore.

My parents were staunch devotees of Puttaparthy Baba and also of Shirdi Baba. My family came to know about Baba through a person who was doing Harikatha in Chamaraja Nagar.Every Thursday was a feast in our house. We would sing Bhajans and my mother would prepare Prasad to all the devotees. This continued for a long time. Both Arishina (turmeric) and Kumkuma (vermillon) was appearing from Baba’s photo in our house.We were leading a happy life with our parents. This miracle happened during Deepavali.
During the festival on a Thursday, the entire family was happily lighting fire works and enjoying a beautiful evening. As it happened to be a Thursday, Bhajans were sung. After the crackers, my mother had planned to do Mangalarati. Meanwhile, one of my brothers, Srinivas, who was a bit stubborn, wanted to burst the crackers. But none of the crackers worked. He was unhappy, started crying and asked my mother, ” Amma! I want fresh crackers. Ask Baba to fetch me” He kept on insisting. Mother said ” Don’t be stupid, how can Baba fetch you that? Come inside, we have to do Mangalarati”. He was not convinced and he kept on crying. Within a minute a man appeared with a jholi (cotton shoulder bag) as Baba has, and took out crackers from the bag and gave it to my brother. He was stunned. The old man said, “It is OK! Take it. You wanted it from me.” My brother took it and after a few seconds that man disappeared. Is any further proof required to say that the man with the jholi was Baba?


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