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Sai  Devotee from Australia says: I had come to Australia since 2000, with my three kids, through my mother’s sponsorship. As i am very great full for her kind deeds, I’ve tried my best to please her, but things did not turn as she pleases. I was forced to leave her with my three kids. And that’s the start of all the hardships. During those times I’d be turning to my faith of which finally I came to know Sai Baba. From then I became a Sai devotee. Below are my experiences. This is to say that Everyday Lord Sai Baba is an Experience for He always reminds me He is there with me guiding, protecting and supplying my everyday needs. Thank You Lord Sai Baba for allowing me to share my wonderful experience. 

Sai Baba – Nothing Is Impossible If One has Faith And Patience. I came to know Sai Baba during one of the darkest moment of our lives. Other after numerous altercations and upheavals, reconciled with us only to deliver another blow. We planned to live together as a family; buy a house with the three of us sharing the payment, mom, being well-off would pay the deposit. Unfortunately, she backed out just as we were closing the deal with the vendor. I have known Sai Baba about six years prior from an acquaintance but never really pursued further. During this problem with my mother though, I just suddenly had the urge to look through the internet about Sai Baba. I downloaded His Aarti and listened to it 2-4 times daily. In the meantime, no bank would give us the mortgage without my mother in the picture, much less afford to pay the deposit. My daughter just got her new permanent part time job while I was working permanent part time and studying for my nursing degree at the same time. 

We had No savings (credit card bills, yes that we had!) and time was running out for the near date for paying the deposit and after relentlessly applying at different banks to give us a loan- no one would approve us. It was a hopeless situation. All this time, I kept on working, studying and praying to Sai Baba, hoping for a miracle. Never did I once think that my prayer will be in vain. Suddenly, the seller postponed the date of settlement from November to March the following year. Time we had. But money was still the big issue. What happened next amazed both me and my daughter, for indeed it was definitely the workings of God. For some reason, my daughter had return tax money. We knew that it should not have been the case as she had accumulated a big debt from university fees which she loaned from the Government when she was doing her degree and obviously needed to pay through tax once she started working. 

Then another good news came. We received a call from the real estate agent himself who recommended this Broker. He managed our application and got a bank to approve the loan. To this day, I am still amazed with the fact that we got an approval given our monetary circumstances. But through Sai Baba’s grace, we met this Broker who made our dreams of having our own home come true. My faith in Sai Baba grew even more. To this day, I am going to Lord Sai Baba’s temple every Thursdays to give praise and thanks. 

Now here’s another miracle from Sai Baba: In my previous story, I spoke of our ‘miracle home’. Now however, we were faced with another problem. Even though my daughter has a steady source of income, I however, after finishing my nursing was only employed on a casual basis. At that period, hospitals were cutting down on workers and closing hospital beds. It was very difficult to get a permanent position. Once again, I seeked refuge from Sai Baba through His Sai Vrat. I completed 9 Thursdays of the Vrat to Lord Sai. What I experienced next only proves that when Sai Baba wants to give you His blessings no matter the circumstances that you shall receive. Interviews are my greatest weakness. My daughter would encourage me to practice answering questions with her, but for some unknown reason, I would always decline or put it off. 

The day came for the interview. I knew from the first few questions that I wasn’t good enough even though I thought I gave my best responses. Of course, my daughter grinded me for not rehearsing with her beforehand. All I could say to her at that time was, “if Baba wants me to have the job, I will get it.” I went for a few more interviews and each time I failed to meet their standards. Every time though I would say to myself, Baba has something greater in place for me. A week or two pass and another position was vacant. This time it was a specialty area, emergency nursing. I went for the interview and it was the longest interview I sat through, I was getting exhausted halfway and was even well aware that my responses were ‘crap!’ To my surprise I got a call from the Unit Manager telling me that I successfully secured a permanent position, but then she surprisingly also added that “I actually was not that good during the interview and there were others who answered better.” I am sure it was Sai Baba letting me know that it was through my faith in Him that I was blessed with the job. Because how on earth can one be employed if she did not ‘technically’ passed the interview or if there were others who performed better? I am certain that Sai Baba is behind my success; “Faith and Patience: Shraddha And Saboori”. Sai Baba is the greatest. He looks after His devotees. He never fails them. I am eternally indebted to Lord Sai and will love and praise Him for as long as He allows me to. 

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