Shirdi Trip Miracles – Sai Devotee from USA

Sri Vidya from USA says: Dear Sai Devotees, in this post I would like to share the miracles Sai Baba made on my first trip to Shirdi.

Thank you so much for this blog. May Sai Baba bless you and your team and all of your family. This post is about my Shirdi visit. By Baba’s Grace we got tickets to Shirdi on January 1, 2014. This too was a miracle. Earlier the package was scheduled from January 4, 2014 to January 8, 2014 which was from Saturday to Wednesday. I felt quite sad as I may not be there in Shirdi on Thursday. I asked Baba to do something so that the trip gets postponed while returning and we return on January 9, 2014 or something and somehow I should be in Shirdi on Thursday. Baba always listens to our prayers and fulfills our wishes, but His ways and plans are different and beyond what the human mind can think. I received a call from our tour operator on December 30th, 2013 and when I didn’t expect it at all the operator told that the tour has been advanced and will be from January 1, 2014 to January 5, 2015. By Sai Baba’s grace the trip went on as planned and Baba made my feet land on Shirdi soil for the first time in my life on Thursday on January 2, 2014. My joy knew no bounds when the operator called and told this. 

I was perfectly in good health till December 31, 2013 night. Suddenly after midnight I got severe stomach upset. I knew from my deep heart that this was some severe food poisoning and it will cure only with antibiotic tablets and not merely the medicines at home. However, we had to start from home for the train at 8 or 9 am in the morning and the train was at 10 am. My mother and I were to travel. My mother got so upset with my condition and both of us were upset over this when we were to travel to our Dear Sai Baba’s place, Shirdi. By Sai Baba’s Grace I was eating Udi from midnight when my stomach was upset and I had faith that I will be fine. Then my mother gave me Sai Baba’s Udi and Mrthiga Prasadam of Sri Raghavendra Swamy of Mantralayam. I also prayed to Pondicherry Mother. As told in Sri Sai Satcharitra, all Gurus are one. All the Gurus I pray to are my Gods too. I also prayed to our Gods we usually pray to. By God’s Grace I was miraculously healed. I put my entire burden on God and told Sai Baba that I want to come to Shirdi, please do something and take care of me. Sai Baba and all the Gods healed me fully and I was perfectly fine from the time I started from home. And to add to all this i did not take a single tablet. Jai Sai Ram. By Sai Baba’s Grace our trip was blessed and good. It is true that Sai Baba takes care of His devotees’ needs when they plan for Shirdi trip. This is also told in Sri Sai Satcharitra. Thank you Sai Baba and all the Gods. Keep faith and let go and not give up but let go. Letting go is believing fully in the divine and leaving it to the divine to take care of. Ask, believe, let go and be happy. You will definitely receive what you asked for. Jai Sai Ram. 


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