Baba Miracle to Get my Ear Ring Back

Hello Sai Family members, here is another Shirdi Sai Baba miracle to get her Ear Ring back.

Baba Miracle to Get my Ear Ring Back

Victory to Shri Sai baba. I am a Sai devotee from 2007. I wish to share my story that may help devotees have complete faith in baba and also my sixth sense says if I share my long cherished dream will come true. It was summer vacation and I used to visit my society’s swimming pool along with neighbouring friend and our children. We enjoyed a lot. After coming back and 2/3 hours past, to my utter disapointment I found one of my ear rings missing. I started feeling helpless because just few months back my husband gifted me this ear rings. Immediately I went to my neighbour and kept my baby there and sent for searching to the pool area. No one’s there.

Om Sai Ram.
Om Sai Ram.

I kept searching near about an hour inside the water and outside. After failing I came to the security guard if anyone visited the pool after my departure and he the evening I again visited the pool area for searching. Seeing the pool full with children I had a feeling that anyone can find my ring and it may happen that my ring might have slipped into corner and can never be found. But I was praying very hard to sai to help me. This attempt also failed. After coming back from office my husband again visited the pool. He searched extensively for about an hour but I was again disappointed. On the one hand the sorrow of losing my ear ring on the other husband scolded me for my carelessness.

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I prayed sai baba to help. I told that I am not earning anything and whatever I have if I lose like this and won’t get it back what is the use of my worshipping you. On that night I didn’t sleep properly. The next day we again went to the pool I decided never to bath in the swimming pool again because this is the place where I lost my ring. While our children were getting ready to plunge into the water I thought let me just see once maybe I get my ring back!! I went water was completely still and lo and behold!!! My ear ring was shining in the water like a huge stone of gold.

Shirdi Sai Baba.
Shirdi Sai Baba.

I mean as if it was a bigger and more shinier. A thought came to ny mind that I will present sai baba a grand garland and next time I went to Shiridi and did the same. There are many more instances when I felt Sai Baba’s bkessibgs falling on me. The feeling of getting his blessing is just incredible. I request all sai devotees to concentrate completely on sai and surrender in his feet and he will surely listen to your orayer. Sai the God of miracles and the God of making impossible possible. Om sai ram.

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  1. Sairam,

    I a blessed with site. Find lot of miracles of Sai and how si devotees are blessed and how Sai will be with his devotes.

    But I find some spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes in the postings. As it is not our native language It is very common to have mistakes. instead of posting as it is if some body can correct and post it will be great.

    I apology if I made mistake by pointing out.

  2. Hello,
    After reading the story, it made me speechless. i have so many experiences with sai i wanted to share it but i don’t get a chance. my life with sai has begin since 2018 and it’s been continuing. i would love sai for giving me a better life just with one prayer and pooja at home. i was an atheist till 2018 but just with one pooja he gave me everything. he changed my life with a miracle, which i would love to share some other time.

    He helps me in every suitation, though my faith levels are not constant. We humans start blaming god or start doubting him for some reasons. The same happens with me but when i need a help, he would be there to help me in many ways. i want to share many things about how helpful he is and i defintly will share, one day.
    Many people say that sai drags his devotees. yes he does drag me towards his feet and i dont want to leave his feet till my last breath and i want that sai support for doing ths…….i cant express my love towards him… I am afraid of losing sai as my mind worries constantly foe not having a complete devotion.

  3. Om Sai Ram, this experience made me to remember sai’s blessings towards me, when I lost my ear rings I searched all over the terrace, steps and also inside the house as well. I didn’t find it I badly prayed Sai to help me in getting my ear rings. I was praying that should poke my feet if it’s available I was stunned when it happened as I wish. It fell in front of the house only. Oh baba you know everything and you will always protect your kids. Keep shower your blessings to all of us Sai ma. Loads of love om Sai Ram.

  4. Hi,
    I just experienced the miracle just 5 mins ago. I am so happy at the moment that’s why I wanted to say thank you to Sai Ram while looking at his photo, and I found this page. 3 weeks ago, I dropped my ring in My kitchen floor. I was applying the cream it just slipped over. I searched every corner of my kitchen, my husband did but it was so where. I was disappointed. Yesterday at my workplace, we were talking about Sai Baba’s miracles and blessings. This morning I was in my pooja room and remembered yesterday’s talk. At the same time, the thought of my gold ring came to my mind. It just popped up. Later in the afternoon, I just opened my bag to take out something to my utter surprise, I found my ring inside my bag. It’s a miracle. You don’t even have to ask just have faith he will give. Om Sai Ram


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