Sai Baba’s Presence In Every Step Of My Life – Devotee From USA

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: My family and I are Sai devotees for generations. There are so manyexperiences of Sai’s presence throughout our lives. Sai had always been showing us the right way in our lives. This is my recent experience. I did my masters in the USA and I was searching for job for almost 9 months. I had so much pressure in mind. It affected me to the core. And see how Baba showed His presence.

It was when I had No Job, Loan problem and Family situation and besides everything, now it’s my turn to take care of the family. Life was frustrating. But whatever happens all that we thought In our family is Think of Baba, Pray to Baba. He will take care of you. But when problems arises people’s mentality about God and Guru totally changes. You will be pushed to an extent, when you think “how much I pray to Him. He never helped me”. I even went to that state and then I was like I should do this, everything happens for a reason. Sai is like our Mom and dad if you suffer it hurts Him too. But all that He wants from you is not getting hurt it is just to tune you to be a better person.

I am basically a spendthrift. My thought is all like get money easily spend be happy. But internally when I pray to Baba, I say I wanted a job. I want to earn money enough to help at least one person. Ultimately if I had little money also, I would spend it useless, besides knowing my situation. I Thought and thought why I am not getting job besides being qualified and then I realized my mistake one by one. Baba does it for a reason. He wanted me realize my responsibility and act accordingly then I will get a job. I still remember it was such lonely days I used sit in front of my laptop asking question to Sai clicking on number talking with Sai with His picture on my laptop.

It was a Tuesday. I said Baba I realize my mistake please. I promise I will not make this mistake again please give the strength to control my mind and please save me. The same week Thursday morning, I was going through the blog reading Sai’s miracle thinking, when a miracle happen in my life started to read about a devotee getting a job just like my situation. Then I asked Baba when will I get my job like this Baba. Immediately my phone was blinking. It was a mail from a company, whom I thought had rejected me after my interview since they haven’t got back to on time. The mail was “When would you start if you given an offer”. I was confused as in whether I got the offer or no. Immediately one more mail “Please sign in the offer and send back ASAP” and joining was the following Monday.

That was the moment was like SAI BABA thank You so much. That moment I can never forget I just finished listening to my favorite SAI’s song “Reham Nazar Karo” and I just said I surrender completely on Your feet Sai. Baba “I believe You made me write this for a reason and I have written whatever You directed me to write. I believe in You completely. Baba, You are always there with people, who are true to their heart and true to You. You are our mom and You are our dad holding our hands throughout our lives to make us walk in the right path. Love You so much SAI” . Please give me strength to control my mind. Please be with me. Please with all the people and guide us through our problem. Please show us the path of light.


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