Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles With His Devotees

Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles With His Devotees:

Sai blessing to all and here are some of Baba Leelas or Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles.


Sai Devotees Experiences – Miracle – 1:

Sai is Form Of All Gods.
Sai is the Form Of All Gods.

Sai Devotee writes, Good Morning and Om Sai Ram to all friends throughout the planet reading these experiences every day. Just For your information, I reside in Dubai, UAE with my wife and two little cute dolls. I am an enthusiastic devotee of Sai and hope to remain one forever. This is my second experience on this site and hopes you all have a lucky day as I am having one today. I had a shock of my life about 10 days back if a routine test for my daughter’s little ailment ended up with a shocker for me in particular. We had obtained our 11-year-old to the doctor and while examination my wife asked for a Urine test also to be sure. The doctor wasn’t very keen but in finish did write for the lab test to be done. The end result was likely to be out in 45 minutes. Me, wife and children went shopping and returned back just to get a reconfirmation that everything was fine.

My wife went in to get the results with my elder daughter and after some time my daughter returns and states dad you understand the doctor says that there is something in my Urine test which is bad. I wait for my wife to come out and find that the report claims that there is not an infection but her urine carries albumin (Protein) and the doctor says in the event of no infection albumin in the urine is not a good sign. I had been internally very disturbed and prayed to my guard my Sai Baba and asked His divine intervention. We called our regular pediatrician also wasn’t encouraging but told me that we will do the exam after two days once again maybe the report is wrong. I waited with bated breath for 2 days all of the time invoking my Sai for His Miracle. After two days when we did the evaluation in a different hospital beneath my pediatrician, the outcome was big no, no albumin in the urine, and everything fine. Believe me, my brothers and sisters across this was a horrendous week with my internal tension and tension. I prayed and thanked my Lord Sai and promised to repeat the 9 weeks Guruvar Pooja starting next week. Lord Sai please give me Your kind blessing to be able to do this Pooja and also as believed I am penning my experience. God bless all of us and hope we all manage to live lives that have the purpose, faith, cheer, and a lot of great thoughts. Sai Bless you all.

Devotee Experience  – Sai Grace and Miracle – 2

Sai Baba Quotes.
Sai Baba Quotes.

Sai Devotee from the United States writes: Hi, I would like to discuss my experiences with our beloved Baba. I am feeling blessed to function as His devotee. Initially, I did not know much about Baba. On Facebook, one sister added me to the group Shirdi Sai Baba. Their individuals used to share Baba Pictures and much more concerning Baba. Then I asked about our Baba to this sister who included me as I don’t know anything about Baba. She told me about her experiences. Then I started to know more about Pro. After my involvement got over, I thought I should visit Shirdi prior to my marriage. According to my wish, Baba made it happen as I and my father went to have Darshan which was so blissful. Then I got married. My spouse is also a Sai devotee which was really surprising to me.

After marriage, I had no issues with my personal life. My husband moved to the US. I was about to move in another 2 months which did not occur. Believe me, friends, my father started doing Sai Vrat Pooja. Every week several positive things happened. After he completed 9 weeks, the next week I flew to the US to join with my husband which would not have happened without Baba. Thank You so much, Baba. After coming here I wished to conceive which also happened by Baba’s grace. In the US they do baby shower but here only me and my husband were there and we do not know how to do. My mother planned to come just two weeks before my due date. So she wanted to go to Shirdi before coming here. I asked her to buy bangles from Shirdi and ship them through courier. So that we can get help from friends and certainly will do a baby shower. But, I thought it will be useful if my mom would likewise be here. But at exactly the same time, we were also confused that if the case if I would get delivery pain. I inquired in the “question and answer” session in the program from iPhone. There I got a response as “You start work. Recall Shree Sai Baba. He will help you in your own work. The auspicious function will take place”. I got confidence and we did an infant shower after our mom came. It is all only Sai Baba’s blessing.

I felt so blessed that I got bangles from Shirdi. Not only this, He made so many miracles in my life. Only we need to have faith and patience. Definitely, He will answer our prayers. We might have some difficulty due to our past karma. But in Sai Satcharitra there is one chapter in which it says if you’ve got complete faith, Baba will definitely wash away your sins in this birth and gave you a peaceful life. I really do have many difficulties, but He gives us the strength to conquer. I thought in mind anything the infant boy or girl, I wish to add Sai in front of his/her name. My due date has been Sep 23 which was Tuesday. I wished that my baby should be born on Thursday. Yes, I delivered (normal) the infant on Sep 25 safely and healthily which was Thursday. No words to express Him. Think about Sai, and wait for his miracles to shower.

Devotee Experience  – Sai Grace and Miracle – 3

Sai Nath Maha Raj Ki Jai!!.
Sai Nath Maha Raj Ki Jai!!.

It is an excellent platform for all the Sai children all over the world to get in touch with each other and as well as our Lord Sai Baba. The experiences shared here are beautiful and also prove Baba’s term “Though I am no more in blood and flesh, I shall ever protect My devotees”. I am a good Baba’s devotee since childhood. I am going to discuss one of my recent experiences. Reading this experience will create more faith in Baba and also patience in us. Baba once again proved that He is always there for His children.

We moved to Australia 6 decades back leaving a good job back home due to circumstances. I got a job 3 weeks later we moved to Australia. My husband began doing odd jobs while doing his post-graduation. We had to cover a lot of fees as we didn’t have our permanent residency afterward. He finished his PG with a good score. He applied for many jobs but all in vain. Three decades passed nothing happened. He was getting frustrated and losing all of his confidence. I had been praying for Baba to help my husband to find a fantastic job. I was very worried about him. Though we got our PR nothing happened. We thought of returning back to India. So instead of India, we moved to another city Sydney for better opportunities. He started applying for jobs but most of them were asking for computer programming skills. My husband had to learn all those skills to get the job that he desired. Again we had to devote plenty of money for this course. In spite of doing these classes, he could not get an adequate job.

I conceived. Following the 8th month, I needed to leave my job. We were very worried about how we will give our baby a great life without having a proper job. I Prayed Baba to assist us out of this difficult time and give us the strength to overcome this tough period. I used to shout in front of Baba. At times I used to get mad at Baba but not lost faith in Him. Following my delivery, my husband has a part-time job in a superstore. It gave us a small ray of hope. Thanked Baba for showering His elegance. But back of my mind, I had been praying Baba to give my husband a chance to prove himself. After six struggling years that he got a call for an interview on Thursday 2 November 2014 and in the evening itself he got a call to wait for another round another day itself which is on Friday Vijay Dasami ( Baba’s Maha Samadhi day, Dussehra). I had been chanting Baba’s name until he finished his interview. And today on Wednesday we got to understand that he got chosen for a fantastic package. His joining date is on November 13 that our Baba’s day Thursday. Tears rolled down my eyes. I trusted Him completely and He didn’t allow me down. It is impossible to describe Baba’s Leelas. So after 6 decades of waiting Baba fulfilled our wish in His own way. To all those people waiting for an opportunity please do not lose your faith and hope. He understands when to give and what to give. He will examine our faith and patience until we surrender to Him entirely. After we concede He will cross seven seas to safeguard and help us.

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