Got our Lost Certificates Back Due to Baba’s Miracle – Sai Devotee

I Would like to share my recent experience:

I am working in TATA STEEL, Jamshedpur. My wife, me and my two children are always enjoying the protection of SAI BABA
since then we came under his shelter. From 1986 to 1993, we both (me & my wife) visited 4-5 times Baba’s place when
the darshan was so easy that we used to enjoy the bliss by sitting hours together at Dwarakamai /Samadhi Mandir/Gurusthan, when
hardly 100 to 200 people were found in queues. We used to read “Sai Satcharitra” book in telugu script at those places continuously without break.
We are so blessed by Baba that at all crucial stages, he was behind us showing right path and surviving us at all times, since the time
we are connected to him.

My first visit to Shirdi was in the year 1985 when my son was in his mother’s womb. My wife & myself both do daily
puja to SAI without fail and we always feel the presence of BABA behind us guiding on to our path. There were en number of experiences
in our day to day life and our faith on Baba is becoming strong like a rock. Whenever, I ask my wife to accompany me for any of the nearest
Baba’s temple, in and around of our residential locality, her reply is always that when Baba himself is present in our heart and in our house,
there is no need of visiting specially to any of his temples. This feeling she developed for the last one year and it resulted a cause of worry
for me that we are getting detached with BABA. At most of the times, whenever, I got the opportunity I used to convey my feelings to my wife
of not experiencing any miracles of BABA, what we used to have regularly.

My daughter who is studying final year in one of the Maharashtra Engg. Colleges, came to us during the month of February
as there were some protests/agitations in her college. We bought some new cloths for her to the tune of 20,000/- and she was sent back
to college in the beginning of second week of February, 2013. She was booked in the II AC and her other three co-travellers were of high income group.
They were having lot of heavy luggage with them as they were returning to Mumbai after attending a marriage at Howrah.
At about, 1.30 pm in the night, while we were in deep sleep, our mobile rang up and on lifting, my wife heard the weeping voice of my
daughter in a loud way informing us that her suitcase along with six others got cut and her all original educational certificates were also inside
the same luggage case. The moment we heard about this, we were upset for ten minutes period and immediately by sitting on our beds, prayed BABA
to give strength to our daughter to face the situation. As usual, RPF, Guard, TC all came to know about the lost items and without any break wheels were speeding towards destiny.
Her brother who is abroad was guiding her giving full support & courage to face such incidents/ situations. Her college friends supported her and helped
a lot like own family members.

On that night, we sat in front of Baba and questioned him what went wrong with us in the recent past for which we are getting this punishment.
Prayed BABA to do some miracle on the part of Original Educational Certificates. Continuously for one and half-a-day we were requesting
BABA to do some miracle as was done in the past in our lives. On the second day night about 10.30 pm, we received a call from a village of Chattisgarh
that all original certificates were found by a person ( name not disclosed for obvious reasons) on the track side while he was going to attend for a written
Examination at Raipur and were collected, kept safely. He also said that he could pass on this message just because there was one invoice copy available in the
same file folder which depicted contact address details. We were happy by listening his voice and felt that BABA himself talking to us. The very next day also,
while travelling to Chattisgarh village, BABA showed his presence at every point and all those important certificates were collected by the sender of this message.
Of course, the suitcase and cloths were not traced.

With this experience our feeling of detachment with SAI BABA has been vanished and normalcy in our regular life restored with the Blessings of BABA.


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