Sai gave me two pendents – Devotee from India

Anonymous sai devotee from India says: I am Sai devotee since past many years and with each passing day I feel more close to Baba. For me there is no other God then Sai ,He is my Guru ,friend ,God or say everything .There is nothing which I don’t tell Him , I talk to Him about everything .I fight with Him too because Baba is the only one who takes my fights also as my expression of love for Him .Today I am sharing a very recent Sai leela happened with me .

I always wear Sai pendent as it gives me a very secure feeling ,I feel protected .One day while taking bath my Sai pendent was washed away without my knowledge ,when I found that the pendent was missing from my neck I became very tensed and started searching all over the house but I was failed to find it .I was deeply disappointed and stressed .Just then I remembered that I had another Sai pendent in my room but when I started to search even couldn’t find this other pendent too.I was almost in tears and went near to Baba’s photo and said Baba as you know I lost both my pendents and now you only have to arrange a Sai pendent for me.After saying this to Baba I came to my grandmothers room where my aunt was searching something in her old purse ,suddenly she said  look I have found two Sai pendents in my purse do you want them .My whole body was thrilled and my joy knew no bounds ,I could not believe that Baba listened to my heart so fast and acted so quickly on it .I lost two pendents and Baba returned two pendents back to me .I wore one and kept the other one in my purse .

Some people might take it as a coincident but for me its a big miracle because those who knows the powers of Baba will second me that it was a miracle where Baba arranged for two Sai pendents for me .Those who call Baba with love He comes immediately without delay .Baba thank you so much for listing to your children and helping them all the time . Om  Sai Ram. .


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