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Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a religious person, but was never a Sai Baba worshiper till the last 2 years. What I wish to share here is how I got introduced to Baba and how my life changed after that day. I live in Delhi and used to pass the huge Sai Baba temple on Lodhi Road quite frequently – but never did I feel like stopping by or going inside. I only knew that I should avoid driving through the road on Thursdays since that road will be crowded and a traffic movement becomes irritably slow.

My professional and personal life was in a real mess. I had loans to repay, no savings and I really didn’t know where I would land up if I lost my job at the time when recession hit the world. I badly needed a guide, a god father and maybe a miracle save me from the situation.

This is a time, when I had to go to Agra for some official work. It was a short trip – going in the morning and coming back in the evening – by train. In the evening my colleague posted in Agra offered to drop me to the railway station. My colleague was a friend also and showed me the house that he has purchased and the land he has booked. I had shared with him my story about not doing too well financially and I couldn’t afford any property – rather I have so much of loans to repay.

While we were nearing the station we came to know that the train was running behind schedule for a few minutes. My colleague told me let’s not waste time in the station and let me take you to some place which he thinks I should visit. To my surprise I saw that he took to the nearby Sai Baba temple. It was a Thursday – quite crowded, but we had Darshan without any problem. He asked to buy the offerings – but I didn’t and I made some excuse. I could see that he was disappointed by this, but I was thinking that at least I have saved Rs 20.00.

Just before I was boarding the train, my colleague told me that I know you wouldn’t listen to me but please visit a Sai temple for 5 consecutive Thursdays and you will get the blessings of Baba and that will take care of all your worries. I saw a lot of sincerity in his eyes and decided that okay I will – what is the harm in visiting a temple after all.
The next Thursday I visited the temple – while I stood in the line for Darshan I realized that for some reason I have forgotten all my worries and was experiencing a lot of peace of mind, which I had not experienced before. When it was time to pray to Baba, I realized that I have everything in life – what more can I ask Baba to give me?

Meanwhile I was going through a financial crisis – I needed some cash desperately and had requested for a salary advance. This time I had decided that when I visit Baba, I shall ask Him to give me some money to tide over the difficult times. But again – as I stood in front of Baba the following Thursday – I couldn’t ask for anything – again I had the same peace of mind and the feeling of having everything in life.

Next day I heard that my request for salary advance had been turned down and I was shocked to hear this news since that was the only way I could get the cash I so desperately needed. I was in tears and had no one to share my feelings with. It wasn’t a Thursday, but I suddenly realized that let me go to Baba where at least I shall get some peace of mind. This time while I was bowing down in front of Baba, I was in tears, but I still couldn’t ask for money. I told Him that You are Baba and You know everything and I am happy that I have You to give me some peace of mind whenever I visit Your shrine.

While I was climbing down the stairs of the temple, I could hear an SMS tone on my mobile. But since no one is allowed to use a mobile within the temple premises, I didn’t check it – I was sure it was some junk SMS from some advertiser. While I was seated in my car, I checked the message. It was from the Income Tax deptt. I thought my God – is this what is left for me at this time – an inquiry by the IT? But – having read the full message I found that it was to inform me that they have found a pending refund of Rs XXXXX lying with from my previous assessments and the money has been transferred to my Bank account. I checked my bank account immediately and I saw it was true.

This is Baba. He comes to our rescue every time we face any problem. And this was just the first time – numerous such incidents have happened that shows how much Baba loves His devotees. I shall share a few of the experiences in my subsequent posts. Om Sai Ram.


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