Sai is Our Loving Father-Devotee from UK

Anonymous devotee from UK says:  May Baba bless all. I wish to share my experiences due to our beloved Baba’s grace. Kindly keep me anonymous and post it when possible.

Baba has been very kind to me always. He likes testing His children as well, but in the end He pleases them with what they want. I always try to follow Baba’s teachings in every possible way. I love keeping peace and always strive that relationships are well maintained. In UK, we do not know many people so it’s quite important to maintain relationships as if you do not, you will be left alone.

My husband’s cousin and his wife used to share house with us. We stayed together for good three years. While all this, I tried my best to maintain peace in the house by avoiding things. They shifted to their house in Feb 2013. My sister in law and I maintained a good healthy relationship and I wanted to keep it that way. One day I called her to ask if they wish to celebrate Rakhi together and she did not pick up the phone. I expected a call back and she did not instead she texted back asking if there was something urgent. The tone was very rude.

I did talk to her few days back and she was normal. I was worried what happened to her that she is behaving like that. I was upset as I wanted to know the reason. I prayed to Baba please make things normal as I thought I have upset her and felt bad. Let me tell you my worst scare is that I should not hurt anyone because I believe if I hurt anyone, I am hurting Baba. After this, I prayed to Baba please make things normal and I got an inner voice that you are not the reason. I was relieved, but not fully, but Baba always solves His children‘s problem. On Rakhi day, both my husband’s cousin and his wife came and we celebrated Rakhi together. From her behavior, it seemed nothing had happened. I thanked Baba a lot that He listened to me.

Another sweet incident with Baba happened few days back, when I went to Baba’s temple in Leicester. I reached around 8 am and Kakad Aarti was going on. Then after that, it was Mangal Snaan and around 10 am the Darshan would start. I did not want to leave without touching Baba’s feet, but my husband was getting restless and he said that we will come back around 10 am, but now we should leave. With a heavy heart, I got up to go thinking we will come back and then take Baba’s Darshan, but Baba had different plans. The minute we turned our back, one sevak pointed at my husband and said come and sit in the front. First my husband did not realise that the sevak is calling my husband, but then he asked again to sit down in the front. My joys knew no bounds. I was very thrilled that now I can attend Mangal Snan and sit with Baba for a long time.

Baba knew that I wanted to spend maximum time with Him. Also I wanted a flower kept at Baba’s feet during Kakad Aarti, but I did not tell anyone about it. But Baba knows everything. That same sevak came and gave me the holy flower. I was super happy. I had tears in my eyes as to how Baba loves His children. Baba blessed me by fulfilling my wishes. I can’t thank Baba enough. If one prays with clear heart all the wishes are listened. Baba has been very kind to me and I pray that this kindness is showered on all. I love You Baba. May Baba be with all and bless all always. Jai Sai Ram.


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