Hold on to Sai Feet – He will pull you from all problems

Sai Devotee from India says: I am a normal person who just sees God and prays God as instructed by my mom. I came to know about our dearest Baba ji and His miracles in 2010. But i became His devotee only in 2013. My life was never easy for me. Even silly things reached me only after great struggle. I was cheated by few, criticized by many yet understood by none. When i felt that my life was just like hell and when i decided to end my life, it’s at that time when i got my dearest Baba’s presence. Even though i was the only child to my parents and was born in upper middle class, because of a business loss my family went down financially to the worst extent and we faced hard times like struggling even for proper food. I did my engineering and my pg only by studying in street lights. Even though I had so many relations around me who were financially strong, no one came forward to help us either financially or support us mentally. Days passed on with loads of struggle.

One fine day in 2009, my mom decided to visit Shirdi and she compelled me to join her. Initially I was not interested to accompany her as I hardly had trust on God at that time. But because she compelled I went with her to Shirdi on January 24th 2010. I felt an unknown positive vibration at the moment I landed there. No words to explain that wonderful feeling. My heart felt so light. We had a good Darshan of our Baba ji and we attended Chavadi possession that night. It’s at that time I was totally astonished to see everyone there who were talking about the miracles of Baba ji. I silently prayed within me that “Baba either wipe away my problems, if not give me the strength to face it. Otherwise end my life”. This was my first prayer I kept before Him. From that particular day till now, I have never gone down mentally for anything.

I still have problems regarding my marriage, my work and so on. But still a thought about my Baba ji is enough for me to regain all my lost energy. Whatever happens, Baba is there. I keep telling this every time when I go down physically and mentally. He has been so kind to me in many issues and I understood that only in 2013 after becoming His adherent devotee. Now each and every second irrespective of the time or place I am, I just keep saying His name within me and I get a feel that He is sitting next to me and listening to me. My dear Baba, even my parents did not understand me, but You did. My marriage is under a big confusion right now. Everyone are so worried about it. But I trust You completely. I know Baba ji, You will take care of me. You will bless me with a wonderful life at the correct time. I am surrendering my life to You. Whatever happens in my life I owe everything to You. You are my world. I hope You will finalise my marriage at the earliest Baba. I am waiting to post about that in this blog soon. Sri Sachidanand Sadguru Sai Ram Maharaj Ki Jai



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