Sai Baba Miracles: Baba Helped My Daughter, Sai Baba Protection, With Baba’s Grace, I Got a Son, Sai’s Way of Taking Our Suffering

Hello devotees, today, we are presenting some of the devotee’s experiences/miracles with Shirdi Sai Baba

Sai Baba protection, with Baba’s grace I got a son, feel baba protection always around me, Baba helped my daughter

Sai Baba Protection

Sai’s way of taking our suffering

Om Sai Ram. This is my first experience with this website. Thank you for maintaining this platform. We (me and my sister) both are devotees of our beloved Sai. My sister took covid vaccine (1st dose) she felt weak and slept for a while after lunch. While sleeping I (I believe sai took my image) appeared in her dream and asked her whether she developed any fever or ache.

When I touched her she could feel the high fever in my body and she asked for the reason I said it’s nothing it will be all right soon. Then I brought her hand and soothed her in the painful part. Then she felt relief in the dream itself. With that, I left getting excuses about some other work. She suddenly came out of a dream and she felt the scene very much real even felt the relief in her hand. This way like a story mentioned in SSC our sai took her sufferings.

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Sai's way of taking our suffering
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One more time I (again sai took my image) appeared in her dream. When she stayed in a hotel during her cricket match. Due to covid protocol, each person should stay alone. During one night she felt some cigarette smell and a gigantic black scary image appeared somewhere in the room. With fear, she slept chanting Sai’s name. Then in her dream, I went to the hotel room and simply lied beside her and she got relieved from the fear. One way or the other sai is always with us… Om sai ram.

Feel baba protection always around me

I am a Baba devotee for the past 6 years. Baba did many miracles in my life, I feel his protection all the time. After Baba came into my life, I am a different, more kind, and better version of a human. I want to write about a few of my many miracles here. Baba was always there when my job gets tough, there was a deadline on some project and I was working hard to meet that, suddenly my project setup was not working, the project is very complex if some issue happens usually it takes a few days to fix since I already had a deadline to meet, I was worried I won’t be able to complete it.

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Feel baba protection always around me
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So I was troubleshooting the issue on weekend, already I spent one full day on this issue and I couldn’t fix it and there was no clue on what’s happening when it was Saturday noon I was praying baba to help me to fix the issue by Monday, but suddenly I found a solution in the Saturday evening itself which is impossible without baba.

Baba helped me in the past like this many times where I clearly see without baba things would not have never turned out this way. Believe in him, be his devotee and follow his principles to lead a righteous life, he will always be there to guide us when we need him. Love u Appa as always.

BABA helped my Daughter

I want to be anonymous. Thank you for this wonderful website. I would like to share my recent experience. Last month my daughter, husband got a cold cough. Usually, when my daughter gets cold, her cough will be bad. This time she had a cold with a fever. Since she is going to school she has to get Covid tested. So the next day we did her test. My babas blessings her test was Negative. It’s all Sai baba’s blessings. We are always thankful to baba for what he does for us. Thank you baba and we love you.

With babas grace, I got a son

I am married for 13 years we have not had a child. started medication after 1 & a half years of marriage doctors said both are normal nothing to worry it will happen & gave some medicines. after taking medicines we have hope & wait for the happy moment but nothing happened. after seeing so many doctors & doing all the treatments like DNC hysteroscopy but no results. we were visiting all the temples & did puja also. and then I got to know sai baba the temple is near to our house in Bangalore I went with my landlord she gave me Satcharitra & I started reading & did 9 weeks Vrat also.

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With babas grace, I got a son
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My landlord doing Seva at the mandir like sweeping & cleaning the temple. I also joined with her & did for 1 and half years during this period we got to know one hospital & treatment also started. after doing Vrat puja cleaning temple & taking treatment after 1 & half yrs I got conceived. after completing our 14th marriage anniversary my son was born in 2015. now he is 6 yrs old. I am always thankful for baba & do pray for our family. he knows when to give his blessings. om sai ram.

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