Expereinces of SAI.BA.NI.SA (Shri Gopal Rao Ravada) with Shirdi SAI – 10

Let me request and focus your attention to 40th chapter of Sai Sat charitra where in Sai during the year 1917 has promised to Hemadri panth in his dream that he would visit their house on ‘ HOLI ‘ the festival of colors for having lunch . This promise he fulfilled and arrived in the form a photograph just before their lunch time. Similar experience which I have undergone is narrated under this experience to show that Sai is continuing to extend his humble grace even now, as he was doing to his devotees in the past while alive.

It was during the month of March 1996, on a Sunday morning hours, Sai appeared in the form of my establishment’s Chief Executive and conveyed that he would come to my house for lunch. This message I have duly passed on to my wife as she has to prepare extra food for the guest to come . My wife although a Sai devotee was doubtful about the possibility of my chief’s visit as we do not have family contacts with him. However from her side she went ahead with her preparations. My consciousness was firm that some one uninvited would definitely come by lunch time.

It was past one’ o clock and none turned up and my wife unable to withstand hunger commenced her lunch at two’ o clock. By now I was turning a bit shaky, but my belief was still firm that he would come in some form or other. My mind was oscillating like a simple pendulum between her nagging on one side and my belief on the other side. In state of helplessness I too commenced my lunch mechanically without any appetite for eating. At the fag end of my lunch , our door bell gave a ring and my joy knew no bounds to find a lower cadre employee of our organization and a good acquaintance of mine stepped with words that he has come to say a hello to me.

Normally nobody from my office have the habit of visiting me at my house. How come this could happen? It is only on initiation of Sai this could take place. The words uttered by him are more significant to the present context as he said that on completion of his shift duties he was on his way back home and felt strong desire to see me. As the Bus touched our corner street he got down to see me. Now I was in a fix whether I should offer him lunch or not, but my wife expressed her opinion that it is not our tradition to offer left over food items to a guest as it violates the principle of ‘ ATHIDHIDEVOBHAVA ‘. However she came forward with a suggestion to offer him freshly prepared snacks (a fast food item) .He was offered a plate full and without any hesitation he consumed all of it. Later he had a glass of water and stepped out with a soft smile. The gentle smile reminded me of Sai’s promise that he would go to any extent to keep up his word. Of course one may have to undergo through trials and testing periods to be ultimately blessed by him.




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