Sai Baba Miracles: Baba Saved My Father, Baba Resolved My Husband’s Job Tension, When Baba Himself Came to Bless Me

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Sai Baba Miracles

I am a Sai Baba devotee for around 2 years. He has shown his miracles in many ways before but I would like to share my unforgettable ever debited to Baba’s feet experience. My father, who is 70 years old was suddenly attacked by Brain fever and due to which he got fits in the night. He was admitted for 4 days in the hospital and back home but with no memory of my mother and other things. he behaved very weirdly every 30 minutes, he would act like he was feared of something in the wall and cry like a child, and he also had short term memory.

I went to see him and stayed with my parents for just 2 days unable to see him in that state, I returned back to Bangalore. On the way, we visited the Nava Sai Baba Temple in Vellore. I prayed to Baba that my dad should get back his memory and get well with tears in the temple, they gave me the aarti plate to do it myself to all 9 Babas there, and my husband was given the duty to do anna prasanna to Sai, and it was Keerai (palak) rice

After returning to Bangalore, I received a call that my father got frequent small fits, and when he was about to be admitted to the ICU ward, he got very major fits. The doctors immediately started treatment. They said the treatment now is very expensive and they cannot assure anything about his memory or if he can be saved. I was devasted, but still, I prayed to Baba to show some miracle in this time and to bring him back with his memory.

To be frank, I was even prepared to face some terrible news as my father was very critical, and doctors told if this major fits happened elsewhere, they couldn’t have tried anything.
I went to Chennai immediately, and he was in ICU for 5 days. On the second day, when he got his conscious back doctors asked him what he ate (to check his state) actually, they were only giving him fluids, but he answered I had keerai (palak) rice, and the same he answered to my brother in law when he visited him in ICU.

It gave me goosebumps that I could link that with Sai’s annaprasanna. Later he was recovering better each day, and his memory is back only a few incidents he is not able to recollect but he was given back to us the same he was before the brain fever. This miracle that happened in our life is precious, and I feel very blessed, Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Stories

Baba Resolved My Husband’s Job Tension

Om Sai Ram. Since childhood, I used to pray to Sai Baba like other gods but was never drawn towards him though I always felt his presence throughout my life. During COVID time my spouse lost his good job he used to work abroad in a managerial position. Our life was devastated. He was the only earning member in the family and had a lot of other responsibilities as well. Every day I used to pray I have been a religious person since childhood I read shloka and even Aai 11 Vachan every day though not say it by heart used to recite them.

During this period, one day, I was reciting slowly and paying attention to one of the Vachan its written TYAG SHAREER CHOD AHUNGA BHAKT HETU DAUDA AHUNGA (Whenever you call me I will come running), and I stopped and said, I read this every day praying to help me u never came towards me to help I laughed and stopped reciting. Then I got a dream that may be the same or another day he blessed me by coming into my dream with a lot of shine on his face, full of compassion and kindness, looking at me with a sweet smile and by waving his hand and telling me to have patience everything will be alright and vanished.

I started reading more about Sai Miracles and stories and started doing Sai Vrat 9 guruvar, but nothing happened. Further, I started reading Sai Charitra for my spouse’s job. Later I told my spouse to do the same he was pissed off by his life and was very disturbed. He agreed but said this is the last thing he will do. The next day 31.12.21, he got up at 4 am, took a shower, and started his pranayam around 4.30 am. He wanted to finish by the 1st of Jan 2022. (Though we do pranayam for a week, he reads it day and night ) U won’t believe 4.30 he started at 10 am he got a mail for an interview for another company and he was shocked.

Their job profile was very low, not the designation as per his experience. He said will give it a try as at least he would have some work in hand. He mailed them back then he got a reply that the job interview was scheduled for Thursday. He completed his pranayam & appeared for his interview, and 2nd interview was next Thursday which he cleared, but his job profile was low.

He was expecting his old company to call him back and was confused to accept it or not nothing in hand and so much responsibility, he went ahead, and he got the joining date on Thursday. He joined though the job was not good as before. The first company didn’t call him back due to cost-cutting, but he got this job. Still today, he is struggling, but he got a job to feed his family. We are recovering with Baba’s grace. Now we both are ardent devotees of Sai Baba, and we visit every 4 months to Shirdi and read Sai Satcharitra daily.

Sai Baba Miracles

When Baba Himself Came to Bless Me

On this Thanksgiving, I would like to thank Baba for his numerous blessings on me and my family. Baba has always been an important part of my family, and I was introduced to Baba when I was in grade 2, ever since, I have shared everything with him. I have experienced many miracles, but there is one wonderful experience that I would like to share with you all. I had been feeling emotionally weak for quite a few months, but on April 12, 2022, I felt devastated and hopeless.

I had a fight with Baba that why things were not falling into place? Why isn’t he responding to my prayers? Why can’t he come down to help and guide me? That day, I needed him the most as he is my only confidant, and I shared all my problems with him. I retired to my bed with a heavy heart, but Sai couldn’t see his devotees in pain. Baba came to meet me in my dream that day,” I saw somebody knocking at my door, and when I went to open the door, I saw Baba wearing orange attire and smiling at me, but before I could say anything, he turned into my dad”.

I got scared and woke up in the middle of the night it took me a while to understand what happened and I felt blessed to have his darshan. Baba came to assure me that he is always there, he listens to our prayers, and he knows when is the right time to answer our prayers. I said sorry to Baba for questioning his love and decided not to fight with him and keep complete Shraddha, and Saburi, for Baba knows what is best for his children.

Now, I have given all my problems to Baba, knowing he will guide me and help me solve those problems. I feel less anxious and worried ever since, I have put my complete faith in his holy feet. “Wash away our sins , “Oh, samartha Gururaya, and purify us and forgive us for the mistakes we have done knowingly or unknowingly in the past!” Bless everybody in this world, Baba!. Om Sai Ram


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