Baba’s Miracle in Getting a Job – Sai Devotee From India

Baba’s Blessing for My Husband Job:

Sai devotee from India writes: Om Sai Ram. I am praying Sai since my childhood as my parents introduced me to Baba at that age. My brother is also Sai devotee. Now let me share my baba experience with all of you. Before getting a new job, my husband was working in other country where Indians were dominated by other country people over there. My husband has worked over 6 years in that company but there was no growth at all. So one fine day finally, he decided to quit that job and try to join some other company and he was seriously searching for a new job but he don’t know where he is going to the job. I, myself had faith in Sai Baba and asked Baba when my husband will be getting job? Then He answered me that he will be getting a job for sure and you both will be travelling to Shirdi in the month of July. Then i thought that we already had planned to go India in the month of October then how can i travel to Shirdi in the month of July?. I shared this information with my husband but he did not believe in it as he does not have trust in Sai Baba. He told me that let it happen and then i will trust Sai.

Sai We Love You
Sai We Love You

1 week later, i forced my husband to read Sai Satcharitra with me. After completion of sai satcharitra book, my husband had checked his mail and then told me that there is one requirement related to his experience so that they wanted me to send my resume to them. My husband has worked before there for 6 to 8 months and that was my husband’s dream place as well. Immediately after checking that mail, he called his friend who was working there at the client place. Then she asked my husband to send his profile and then she mentioned to prepare for an an interview. My husband was very happy and he was shocked to see all these things happened on the same day. Fortunately, he had cleared his 4 tough interviews on Thursday itself and they were very easy and relaxing too. Later we came to know that this job is temporary and we were little bit tensed. We both prayed Sia to help us out and later one week we got the news that it’s the permanent job, (how wonderful this was). Then everything went very well. Our visa process had been started from February first week and completed in the last week of June month. Company has asked my husband to join in the month of August, so we had some time we went to India and spent some time with our parents and in-laws. As per Sai Baba words, we also visited Shirdi in the month of July. I was very much happy as Baba’s words came true and I always trust baba that he never leaves his devotees in shadow. My husband also promised me that we will be going to Shirdi every year and finally he also became baba devotee. I was very happy to hear this and as His promise, we are going to Shirdi every year and having Darshan of my Baba. Thank You Baba. Thank you very much for everything what you have given in my life. Please hold our hands in each path and save us. Love You Baba.Please help all the devotees who are in trouble..we love you 4ever. I request all sai devotees to hold his hand, He will make you free from all kinds of sai ram!!om sai ram!!.

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  1. How did he told you that in which way but he is not answering to my prayers at all yes, I do believe him but I don’t know why this is happening with me?


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