The Revelation of Lord Sri SaiBaba inside me

The Revelation of Lord Sri SaiBaba:

Dear fellow devotees, Praises to Lord Sri SaiBaba. Praises to Lord Sri Swami Samartha.
May God Bless the team for this wonderful blog. In this blog, I have read many experiences from the devotees, who have benefitted immensely from Sadguru Sri SaiBaba, in various ways, in the matters of dedication, bakthi, marriage, children, education, good health, recovery, well-being, etc. Inspired by those stories, here, I would like to share my personal experiences as a devotee of Lord Sri SaiBaba. The Revelation of Lord Sri SaiBaba inside me.

I had a below normal childhood and a tough environment growing up. Though a child, I was somewhat conscious of the tough things happening around me. Many things did not go my way. Despite, I was a happy go-free god-fearing god-loving child. There was a steady progress in my early life. God had blessed me a good education, growth, marriage and child.

Shri Sadguru Sai Baba.
Shri Sadguru Sai Baba.

Around the year 2007, things had started getting tougher. An astrologer at that time, had asked me to be bit cautious few years later. He also had highlighted that I have Guru’s Blessings (anugraha) and while I start worshipping a Sadguru I would have a better life. A good friend of mine also told me, we usually do not go in search of and select Guru, instead Guru only selects His devotees and manifests at the appropriate time. Likewise, by Blessings of Guru Sri Raghavendra Swami, triggered by a Tamil TV programme, all of a sudden, I somehow landed myself in Sri SaiBaba temple at Mylapore, Chennai, in November 2011. That was the first time I had visited that temple and indeed SaiBaba also, consciously, though I have had passed via that road innumerable times before. Also, sooner I realized that Sri SaiRam have had been part of our everyday things, people, life around us all this while and only lately now I have come into realization of the same. By this time, almost since December 2008, things had started to become out of control in my life and bothered me in multiple aspects, severely; probably, this is why, SaiBaba had thought He would directly manifest in front of me, rather than how He had been protecting me hidden from the background all this while. Since then, two things were simultaneously growing upon me; bakthi towards SaiBaba and tougher things in my life.

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Only then, I wondered all such bad things have had hidden in me or around me, since my childhood, showing its awkward faces only at times, but now it had started showing continuously in the front end, giving us very much pain. Now, when I look back at my life before the year 2007, it looks heavenlier and I wonder how would it have been really possible with so much negative energies around me. That’s when I realized, how much of protection Sadguru SaiBaba have had given me, even hidden from the background, all along my life. Not only that, now He had spiritually helped me a lot. He had helped me with Sai Satcharithra, Gurucharithra, Swami Samartha charithra, Bhagvad Gita, Ramayanam, Vishnu Sahasranamam, Srimad Baghavatham, Artha Panchakam, etc. Further, Sri SaiBaba also had made me realize that my ancestors had worshipped Sadguru Sri Swami Samartha and I also would benefit that way. From then on, I had started realizing Sri Swami Samartha as well in my way of life. Even today, my Belief of life and living is at the Merciful Feet of Sri Swami Samartha and Sri SaiBaba. Om Dutt Sath! That’s all sai devotees about “Revelation of Lord Sri SaiBaba” inside me.

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