Sai Baba Saved my Father and Answered my Prayer

Here is one of Sai devotee’s experiences about how Sai Baba saved his father and he would like to explain this miraculous story.

Om Sai Ram!

Sri Shiridi Sai Baba gives me the strength and blessings to write about his miracles that happened in my life. How wonderful are his blessings? One cannot feel happier than to understand that Baba is always with you, guiding you and protecting you in every step of life. I experienced that if we invoke Baba with pure devotion, he will always hold your hand is it any situation and he will shower his blessing onto you. There are two miracles that recently happened in my life that I would like to share it with all the Baba devotees. My devotion to Sai Baba built through seeing my father praying and believing in Sai Baba and my parents are great devotees of Sri Shiridi Sai Baba. Having experienced the Baba’s blessings on our family in numerous ways, sincere devotion and belief towards Baba built in me. Let me start how Sai Baba saved my father by listening to my prayers.

Miracle 1: Sai Baba saved my father and blessed him with good health: I am studying in Germany, far from my family in Bangalore and recently in the month of Feb 2020, my father being the rock of the family never had any strong health issues in his life and this was the first time that he was operated. I was devastated about this situation and felt helpless at times. By the grace of Baba, everything went well and he was almost recovered but !!! recently, 2 weeks back (June end 2020) he felt slightly sick again and his health condition was going slightly bad with cough, extreme tiredness, and repetitive fever. As we all know about the pandemic that has hit the world in 2020, my family and I were traumatized to see my father sick again at this timing. My father’s condition did not improve initially and breathing problems started. The pillar of the family was affected and it shook all of us in the family again after recently recover. I am very fortunate that I have Sai Baba idol carried all the way from Shiridi to Germany and I just sat in front of Baba and placed my head at his feet. All I could do is pray Baba sincerely to protect his devotee (my father). I did not believe in any medicine then but just the Baba’s Vibhuthi (UDI). I asked my mother if she had Baba’s Udi at home and luckily she had it and I asked to put it to my father’s forehead every day with a strong belief in Baba and gave her confidence that Baba will never leave our hand. On the other side, I was emotionally torn apart. Due to studies extension here in Germany(which was critical) and travel restriction during a pandemic, I could not visit my father to take care of him, neither could I financially support my family since I am still a student and in a broke condition. But all I could think of doing is to believe in Sai Baba. A week later, suddenly my father got very sick and he had to get admitted to some hospital early morning. But none of the hospitals were taking any OPD patients without COVID test but again by Baba’s grace, one hospital admitted him and started treating him. All I could ask my mother is, to place UDI on my father’s forehead and believe in Baba. The doctors suggested my father go for a COVID test and that shook our entire family. We all were emotionally unstable and prayed every moment for him. It was a Thursday and I put my head again of Baba’s feet and prayed Baba for the test to come negative and to bless my father with good health. I just held his feet and placed my problem at it. Luckily, I had a packet of Udi here in Germany (which I frankly do not remember how I got) and place at Baba’s feet. I did my strong prayers and told Baba that I am treating this packet of Udi as his Udi and I did not believe in anything else other than his blessings and also to take his darshan in the temple at Frankfurt. I very badly wanted to have Baba’s darshan at a temple in Frankfurt. Then !!!!! I was surprised for a second to see that Udi packet very slightly jolted !!!!!! what a MIRACLE it was !! I could not believe my eyes. This was an indication that BABA HEARD MY PRAYERS!!!! and the very next day, my father COVID test results came NEGATIVE !!!!!! I was wonder stuck! I have no words to thank Sai Baba for his miracle on my father’s health. While unfortunately other co-patients in the hospital (2 of them) and my father’s friend who he recently met got positive results for the test. I pray that Baba blesses them with speedy cure and good health as well. But I have no words to thank Baba for this miracle and his constant blessing on our family. Meanwhile, the very next Thursday, I called the Baba temple at Frankfurt and requested them to allow me for Sai Baba’s darshan. They also agreed to it amid the pandemic situation. I traveled to Frankfurt (around 1.5 hrs from my place) and was very happy and content to have Baba’s darshan there without any hassle and thanked Baba in person with all my heart and devotion. I also thank the Baba devotees at Frankfurt temple for this wonderful opportunity of Baba’s darshan which I was craving for. Baba never left my hand. Now my father is recovering and his health condition is improving to be better.

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Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles.
Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles.

Miracle 2: Meanwhile all this (father’s health) was happening in my personal life, there were challenges in my professional life also. Now that I had even more strongly belief in Baba, I was facing the situations and taking strength by chanting Baba’s name every day, reciting Sai Satcharitra, and believing in his blessings more. I was facing a lot of challenges in my professional life and I was quite disturbed my that as well. I had an important week coming up which had an important project presentation as well. Suddenly my laptop crashed on Sunday night. This was least expected and I felt extremely nervous as I did not have back up of any files for the coming week. I did all that was possible to fix my laptop and none of my attempts were successful. A lot of things were going on in my head. I worried about all the files and also worried about the money required to fix the laptop or buy a new one. I was again greatly upset. I had all my files on the laptop locally and had to get my hands on it somehow. It was late at night. All I could think of a person to save me was SAI BABA. I just held just an idol in my hands and broke down with tears. I prayed for him very hard for an answer. I was mentally tired of all the hardships I was facing. I also placed the same Udi that Baba had blessed on my forehead and begged for his blessings and to take me out of this situation. My mind was blank and did not know what to do next. But I sincerely believed in Baba. I made strong prayers and I also requested him that I wanted an opportunity to continue reading his Satcharitra on my laptop. Just thinking of Sai and leaving all my burdens at his feet, I slept chanting his name. I got up in the morning and somehow felt that Sai Baba never left my hand. And to my surprise, I tried to switch on my laptop and it worked perfectly fine again !!! I was overwhelmed with joy!! What a MIRACLE it was. How could the laptop that showed the crash report a few hours back, works completely fine in the morning. Only Sai’s grace, blessings, and miracles can make this happen. I was filled with joy and eyes with tears of happiness to feel that Baba always held my hands. Baba, I am always thankful for your blessings.

With these two wonderful recent incidents, all I can say is that None of the prayers go unanswered if you invoke Sai Baba with pure devotion and pure heart. Baba is the savior and Baba is the ultimate happiness. I feel blessed to be his devotee. I feel blessed to be his child. Sri Sadhguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai !!!

That’s all devotees about how Sai Baba listened to his prayer and saved his father. Just hold on to Sai Baba’s feet, he even pulls you from the death bed.

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  1. yes i am also a sai baba devotee as i hear your sudden miracle in this i learned sai ram will never leave our hands he will protect

  2. Jai Sai Ram,
    Baba, my son is in the process of interview in big company. Please bless him and let him join that company as early as possible. I will share my experience here as soon as he gets job.

  3. Omsairam….saimaaa…bless all the needy ……bless them with health and help them to achieve each one’s prayer they.pray for ……….namasmaran continues saimaaa

  4. Dear Sainath You are my every hope I pray to you from the bottom of my heart to pull out my father from the jaws of the illness (you know about it…it is v small in front of you) and bless him with good health and long life….Sai Sai Sai Sai…Sai reham nazar karna…..thank you for making me read this leela of yours thanks to this blog and to all devotees for sharing their experience of Sai grace

  5. I am a ardent follower of Sai Baba. I don’t religiously do prayers, yet I feel close to Baba all the time. Baba has delivered me through difficult times in the past. My father is not in the pink of his health right now. He needs to get some tests done soon enough to find out what precise health issue he has. I am very worried, yet I constantly chant Sai Baba’s name and take strength from the belief that Baba will help me get through this storm as well. Om Sai Ram!

  6. Felt soo happy n calmed after reading these two strong miracles of Baba…. I also feels soo blessed to know baba n being his true devotee n child… I am also in deep need of Baba’s blessing for my father’s severe sickness…. Hope n pray baba to listen my prayers to heal my father to relieve him of soo much pain n trouble…. Truely any prayer to Baba never go unanswered… He is our biggest saviour…. Om Sai Ram… Tumhe banate sabke bigde kaam… Om Sai Ram


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