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Om Sai Ram!!Sai Devotee from USA says : Thanks a lot for creating such a wonderful blog to share sai devotee experiences. It continues to inspire me like sai devotees and give hope that Baba is there everywhere and all the time for all of us, when we truly need Him. I try to read the blog every possible day. I was introduced to Sri Sai Baba few years ago and ever since have been a devotee of Sri Gururaya. I wanted to share my recent experiences, might seem like very simple ones, but Baba has saved me. Recently, i went out for shopping and developed severe stomach pains, could not sit, stand, it was intolerable. I was worried what is going to happen and could not share it with anyone. At that moment, I could only think about Sai Ram and asked Him to help with the pain. In matter of 10 minutes, my pain subsided and within the next 30 minutes my pain vanished by the time I got home. I could not thank Baba enough for it.

Mera Sai
Mera Sai

One more miracle experience was that we were looking for a Gas Station to fuel the car. It was 11 pm in the night and all the Gas Stations were closed. I prayed Sri Sai Baba and asked Him to help us out, in less than 10 minutes, we found a Gas Station that was open and continued with our plans. Another Experience is I was looking for an important document and searched the house for about 1 to 2 hrs, but could not find it anywhere. Next morning as soon as I woke up, i prayed Sai Ram and asked Him to help me. I did my entire work and just when ready to go to work, I realized that I had not looked in one place where I might have kept it and I found it. Thanks to Baba.


All these might seem simple, but I believe in Baba and that He helped us. I try to perform “9 weeks Vrat” once a year, if Baba wishes, twice a year. I have also read the Sthavana Manjari and continue to read on every Thursday. Baba has showed the right direction and helped us. Like Baba says “Trust in me and your prayers shall be answered!” One more Quotation of Baba which I believe a lot is “Don’t get carried away by any flattering or Criticisms! Baba will help you! Thank You very much Sai Ram.


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