Sai Baba Miracles For Job, Rescue From Bad Times

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Sai Baba Miracles For Job and Other Devotee Experiences

#1 Got my dream job and role

I would like to express my heartiest gratitude to the team that has been maintaining the platform that binds the faith of so many Sai devotees together. With a happy and grateful heart, I am writing this to all the devotees out there.
I have always been an average yet ambitious kid throughout my academic life. During my MBA, by Baba’s grace, I was placed at one of the biggest IT MNCs. I started my career and was eventually pushed into a profile that did not do any justice to my qualifications, skills, and degrees. I did not want to enter a career with no prospects of growth. I used to cry in front of Baba to get me a better role in my desired field. I appeared for multiple interviews for role switches both within and outside the organization and there were rejections. But, with every rejection, I was more adamant about getting into my desired field. I knew that baba, the universe has got my back! And I knew that I was fighting and thriving for the right thing which is best for me. So did Baba.

One day, my fellow friend who is also a Sai devotee asked me to apply for an opening in some other team where there was a requirement. I applied for it, the interview was scheduled, and, on a Thursday, I got a confirmation that I had been shortlisted. I was awestruck. To all the devotees, please have strong faith in Baba. In addition to this, you need to believe in yourself and your dreams and keep trying. What was in my hands, I did a thousand percent of it, the rest I left to Baba. And he took me to a place where I always wanted to be in my career. I cannot be more grateful and blessed to be his devotee. Thank you to Baba Sai and my friend without whose kindness and help I could not reach where I am today. I’ll always pray to Baba to give me the strength so that I can thrive to be a better person with kindness, empathy, gratitude, and compassion. Om Sai Ram.
Thank you.

#2 SaiBaba the hero who rescued me in my bad times

I first heard about Saibaba in my 9th grade through a guy named Srinivas kolapalli although he narrated how he was cured of disease in the hospital in an astonishing way I was skeptical and was also waiting for experience baba took mercy on me when i was in my 12th grade when i accidentally remembered Saibaba the quarrel in which i was involved was solved automatically after which i started reading sai satcharitra which gave me insights about spirituality then i became a staunch devotee of Saibaba he made sure i was saved from all situation safely in my engineering days I was suffering from skin diseases and also stomach issues but baba took care of me like his own child he helped me throughout my exams and and also after that i was about to get year back but baba saved me from terrible situation and helped me reach the threshold I was after that saved again from a terrible situation where i
was about to get a critical year back but the hero of heroes Saibaba saved me from that bad situation that year shockingly the whole critical year back was lifted and I was saved from a very bad situation Saibaba not only saved me in these situations but in many other exams baba has interfered and wrote his exam himself and corrected it himself I was becoming one with my Saibaba once it so happened that Saibaba made me practice celibacy for about 5 months and made me read his beautiful heroic Satcharitra and gave me darshan as Vishnu he took me to samadhi and I was very pleased to see him in that form my mind stood still did not shake all that I wanted to see was already given to me and my senses were at rest and peace how can I describe how beautiful it was.

No one on his own can become his devotee nor can enter Shirdi without his permission baba chooses u without his sweet will no one can really even see his face thus is his command and I’m extremely fortunate to be his devotee I feel intensely pleased to be at my lord’s feet.

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Sai Baba Miracles For Job
Shirdi Maharaj

#3 Sai Baba’s blessings on my mother:

My mom tested positive for Covid. She was feeling extremely weak. She was recovering but suddenly after a few days, she was complaining that she had chest tightness and it was like a continuous problem. I started doing Sai Satcharitra Saptaha Parayan and my mom is saying that her chest tightness is almost gone. It’s my baba my Sai baba, who always is taking care of me and my family. My Sai Baba is my everything. Sai pa is not only my guru, baba means my world my god my everything. Om Sai Ram!

#4 Thank you, Baba!

Om Sai Ram,

Dear Devotees, I want to share my experience of how Baba took care of my parent’s health miraculously. My father met with an accident and got hurt on his head during the pandemic. While getting treatment from the hospital he got infected with Corona. I cried the whole night and lost all hope. I prayed to Baba with full devotion. Later, my mother and sister also got Corona and I was all broken but had faith in Baba and kept praying. I can’t forget the 2 weeks’ time when my parents and sister were in quarantine and taking care of their health by themselves. By the grace of my Sai maa my parents and sister got recovered. I did Sai Baba Nine Thursday fast and also read Sai Satcharita on Thursdays. Thank you baba for taking of my family. Please forgive me Baba for posting this experience late. Baba, please take care of my parents and family. Baba please bless me always and forgive me for my mistakes. Baba please help me in my situation, I am stuck, Baba. Please help me as you always did. I am nothing without you, Baba. Please show me some direction Baba, I am lost. Please bless me. Om Sai Rakshak Sharanam deva.

Shirdi Sai
Shirdi Sai

#5 Baba my saviour

I have been Sai Baba’s devotee for the last 10 years I have been living with Baba. I have been doing global Mahaparayan also from 2018. I feel a divine connection with my baba he has been there with me since I was born. I have experienced many miracles of Baba but this is quite close to my heart and my personal experience is shared with all those who are reading this vlog. I am a working woman working in a private bank with a lot of pressure during this COVID time my audit was in the branch and this was my first experience running the show off the branch deep inside I was praying to Baba that my audit rating should be 5 stars and I was busy doing my all routine activities. I left everything thing in the hands of the divine. Miracle my audit was finished I got my rating declared exactly on 9/3/2021 a 5-star rating. What a joyful experience it was. Baba always blesses us and he is with us every time.


  1. My experience with baba is tremendous.
    My son who is 10 years old got a pea size angioma growing day by day. I was so scared thinking its cancerous. So while having shower, I ve prayed whole heartedly to lord shiva and all of sudden baba gave me Darshan on bathroom wall.
    I was shocked. Then thought he is lord shiva.
    Since then whenever there is danger to our kids baba always gives Darshan to me on the wall.

    Hope baba doesn’t leave me and saves me and my family.


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