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Meera  from USA says: Hello, by now you all know me as Meera from USA. I am blessed and feel each day full of BABA’s blessings and always want to share with my fellow devotees. Sometimes my memory brings back  certain events, when I read other devotees postings and this one is one such recall. Enjoy.

All 3 experiences in are faith uplifting. Dear 1st Sai devotee, Ahalaya ji, your working in a Call Center, how critical each day and each communication description reminds me how this type of job was not for me and how BABA saved me by not getting into it! I was working a full time job with health Insurance option available and I had health coverage through my job. But as many suffer from discrimination at their job place, I was one of them. And such non-satisfaction of doing faithful service to the company made me try other job options.

At that time I felt I was lucky when I was called for the interview, passed the interview and to attend the job orientation. We all in that group of selected candidates were given out line of the job exactly what you have described. In my mind I thought, oh, I love helping people for their issues, I love talking to people in person, how would I be able to do my best just talking over the phone where I have no eye contact and I would not know whom I am talking to! And the fact that I am always being watched critically about how I am performing in each case. Anyway, I attended 3-4 days of orientation and during one such session we were told that this is going to be Full time or Part time position, but whatever is the position , this is going to be ONE YEAR Contract job and NO HEALTH INSURANCE!


In the USA, I had been working for almost 3 years without the option of Health Insurance because it was available only to Full Time employees and wherever I worked, the hiring employer would not give me FT position for the main reason to avoid providing health insurance. And now that I had a Full Time job and my health Insurance covered, I could not risk that taking up this contract work and no health insurance.

I requested my training supervisor to give me part time position, so that I can continue with my old job as a FT employee and can work here too, where I do not have to worry about this job being a contract work or no health insurance. He was ok with my suggestion and gave me schedule to work accordingly. Now on the 5th day of my orientation, I was called by the Manager in the office. He said how come I am on the PT schedule? I explained the reason. Very upsetting and very strange as I have never met such heartless management personnel so far, that he rudely said, we are hiring FT and PT employees, BUT I want you on the FT team. IF you do not take FT position, I don’t need you. For you, I have no PT position. I was stunned with his illogical argument, but I think BABA gave me courage to say NO to this option. I came home that evening declaring I am not accepting this offer as there is no Health Insurance and it is a Contract work so after One year we are not sure if I will have this job or not.

Let me tell you another miracle attached with this episode. On the very same day, where I was to join for orientation, my husband had to go visit the skin specialist as on that particular week end my husband was told by my PCP doctor, who is my husband’s brother in law (Behnoi) too!, that the mole on my husband’s arm is suspiciously large and may be a case of melanoma skin cancer. So on the very same day of my orientation day, my husband’s sister was to take him to the skin specialist for a check-up. My husband got such an immediate appointment due to my PCP doctor’s recommendation to that skin specialist. The Doctor removed the mole and samples were sent for biopsy. The results were very scary! The doctor told my husband on his face that the report says, cancer has found to be of level 4 melanomaand my husband has only 4-6 months to live. I was not told about all these and I was out from home since 6:30 am till 9:30 pm. I used to come home after the orientation duty (9 am-5 pm), only to change clothes as at my FT job I had to wear uniform to attend from 5:30pm till 9:30pm. My sister in law used to be with my husband, when I come home and she would say, she is taking care of my husband’s dressing for that mini surgery on the arm.

On that day also she was there and she said, oh, Meera you did a correct choice. Now that we will need Health Insurance the most. I was not told about this Melanoma or any of it’s details! So when she said, this treatment of my husband may require a long term Chemotherapy, I was stunned. See, how I was saved by that crudeness of that Manager! Must be that BABA made him behave this way to stop me going ahead for that job. I have another miraculous episode in connection with this Melanoma calamity that I had posted on this site. It was a real SUPER NATURAL help, I would say! All such caring gestures make me strongly believe that BABA is always there to care for me, helping me pay my KARMAs and yet move forward live my life as HE has designed for me! Link is here. Jai Sai RAM. May we all be blessed by BABA.


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