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Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram! , I would like to thank this blog  efforts  to post the devotee experiences. These postings on this blog have given me a lot of faith and confidence in Shirdi Sai Baba. Also at the same time, I used to wonder does really Baba do it? Yes I have felt Baba’s blessing in my life many times and once I have felt Baba’s presence and feel when I was very serious in the hospital. But my question was does Baba come to help people who suffer and remove the pain instantly, how could it be possible?? I am not questioning Baba nor my faith but I am just a normal human who did not believe unless I experienced it.

Now, I want to share my Experience, at the end of May, my Spouse accidentally hurt my ears and we thought it might not cause any injury or harm. By the evening I had some pain and when we met the ENT doctor, he said all is well. Just take some medicines in case there in any internal inflammation it will reduce. The next day the pain did not subside, when we met the Senior Doctor he showed us that the Ear Drum has a tare and we could see the tare and the blood. Doctor had advised that I should be very careful and make sure that there is no infection. I should not catch a cold, wash and clean  my hair carefully and no drop of water should get in. Avoid microphones, loud music etc. He said no medicines required but be very careful for 6 weeks. In case I catch an infection, the ear drum tare might become a hole and a surgery would be required. My husband and I prayed to Baba and we kept Udi every day near the ear and every week we went for check up. After 6 weeks doctor said it is healed mostly and I’m fine. We were very happy.But 1 week after the last check up, one day suddenly I heard some noise in my ear. This I heard, when I was hurt and initial days of injury. Next day i had a burning sensation. The 3rd day I had some pain. Since 3 days continuously, I was feeling some dis-comfort in the ear and we went to the Doctor again.10922497_388139504687106_4287836035134350164_n


This time, doctor while check up showed the inner canal of my ear was hurt. We don’t know how it happened, because my fingers can’t reach that place and I was very careful with my ears while using ear bud. Doctor also showed us that the Ear Drum was healed but there were small spots was there was blood. Doctor gave me medicines for 3 days and he said, if it does not heal we have to see a Neurologist. My husband was really worried. On the 3rd day night, there was continuous pain and as per Doctor’s advice we had to meet the Neurologist the next day. But I can’t take leave the next 3 days in office as there were critical deadlines. I was upset and my husband started Praying to Baba so much. He was worried all these days, more than me as the injury was because of him (though accidental). Then suddenly we found a lot of energy in our room and the energy kept increasing. We knew Sai Baba has come to our room. Within few minutes, my ear pain completely went off. Even after 1 week as I write this article the pain, the burning sensation everything had gone that night. Sai Baba had come to cure me and now after I experienced Baba I know Sai Baba can cure anything in a minute. Trust Baba and He is with each and every one of us. Thank You Baba, thank You for curing me and taking care of me and my family. Please be with us always and guide us to the right path. Om Sai Ram


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