How Sai Pulled from Death – Anonymous Devotee from India

Sai Devotee from India says: Namaste to all daughters and sons of Baba,  I want to relate how Baba pulled me from death jaws and exactly as mentioned in Sai Satcharitra got the stone removed from my kidney by Udi water. On Sunday June 1st i went to washroom and about to brush my teeth when suddenly weird pain started shooting up, i somehow finished brushing my teethand came out with difficulty. Within 5-10 minutes it shouted up with extremely excruciating pain and i was sweating profusely, vision became blurred, i started losing consciousness, speech became thick and i was unable to utter a word. My mother applied Rekei, but still i was sure something horrible is happening to me. I asked my mother to call neighbor aunt and when she came i was in my worst condition as the pain was spreading my entire right side body. She immediately called her family doctor who instructed her to rush me to nearby hospital. With great difficulty and with the help of another neighbor aunty and my mother, i could take steps with utmost difficulty, while on the way we passed Baba’s temple where afternoon Aarti was going on.

After reaching hospital i was rushed inside and the doctor who was a very ardent devotee of Baba who was about to go off saw me and did scanning and told that right kidney has swelling and small stone was moving down and got me admitted in ICU. I was on drips and the pain was so unbearable that i was asking Baba to take me but without pain. I was ready to leave to His presence, whole evening i was on pain killers, drips, and they changed my bed 2 times from NO 7 to No 9 in front to Baba’s Photo. During night i dreaded as the pain will be to its top during nights, so i asked Baba to please bear that pain as i cannot bear it anymore, and during my admission i was given Baba’s Udi water, as one of the hospital staff always carried Baba’s Udi from Shirdi and all the rooms in hospital has Baba’s Photos. During night at 2 o clock the pain suddenly shouted and i was given another pain killer and the nurse there administered me with extra 3 drips to flush out the stone, after 2 o clock the pain subsided and i slept off till morning. In the morning the doctor came and i was feeling well, could get up on my own, no pain and i could drink water also. The doctor said that i was lucky that the pain subsided with in 24 hrs otherwise it takes 48 hrs to flush out the stone. She took a scan and told that still some stone is remaining inside and gave medicines and told us to go home, and the wonder is when my mother went to pay the hospital bill and asked if they can reduce the amount by any chance, they reduced by 900 Rs.

In the evening we went for detail scanning but could not do it as the doctor went away and there was some miscommunication between the hospital staff. So we went the next day for getting the scan, the doctor examined the whole abdomen and confirmed that the stone was flushed out, the whole day i was drinking Udi water, begging Baba that i cannot withstand the pain and please remove it as You have removed it to a elder person as mentioned in Sai Satcharitra and He did the same to me. We could not understand how the calamity came suddenly and went off suddenly giving me 3rd birth by Baba. How horrible the calamity might be dear brothers and sisters, have faith in the master, He will pull us out. He is the master and sole protector of our souls till we unite in Him, provided we walk in His path.


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