Sai Baba Blessing – Got A Dream Bank Job

Got A Bank Job With Shirdi Sai Baba Belssing: A Shirdi Sai Devotee Expereince.

If you have Sai Baba blessing, nothing is impossible.

Om Sai ram!.
its been three years i have been devotees of sai and during this period i have experienced sai many times in critical condition. In year 2016 i met accident and i was in very critical condition. Due to that accident i had a problem in my head, my friends and colleague were so scared but with the bless of baba I become normal. Due to that accident sometimes i still faced a problem of being fainted but the baba’s blesses have saved me from the critical condition. Besides it, baba had helped to complete my education and to get my dream job .i.e. job in a bank.At the end of the year 2017 I had got a job in a bank but due to some reason i had to left the job in a bank where i was working in a contract and i became jobless.

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Sai Baba.
Sai Baba.

I was so depressed and i chanted baba’s mantra, went to sai mandir, started to read sai satcharitra, listened sai bhajan in audio and said baba that i want to come to shridhi after i get the job in a bank (after a certain time) and on 17 Dec 2018 with baba’s blessed i got a call from a bank and got the information that i have been selected for the job in a bank. I am so happy now and baba will be always in my mind. Baba if i did any mistakes please suggest me but please don’t let me to go with the bad things. I will come to shridhi very soon and share all my happiness with you. om sai ram, om sai ram. One thing I can tell my heart. Shirdi sai helps  in just chanting his name for sure. Keep chanting his name, lead the life with happiness and satisfaction. Om samarda sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai!. So one must have faith in Sai, then you are sure to have Sai Baba blessing.

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