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Baba  Devotee from UK says: Sorry for lengthy post, if you find anything inappropriate please delete it. First of all thanks a lot  for starting this blog. And I would request all devotees who have become negative and fighting with Sai on this blog please don’t do this. This blog is inspiration for many devotees to fight with their problem. As per Sai what you are suffering now are deeds of your last birth (karma). Just praying and begging will not help. To help needy and poor is like worshiping Sai. Just sitting in front of Sai and complaining will not help. I am Sai devotee from UK. I was not very strong follower of Sai. I just use to go to Sai Temple with some of my friends before marriage. After when I came to UK I started fasting on Thursday and use to visit Sai Temple in our area few times in a month. But then gradually my belief in Sai started increasing. From last two months I have started doing Aarti’s and reading Sai Satcharitra which has changed my life and attitude completely. There was a time when I was feeling very low due to some problems. I was searching for something to read on Sai Baba then when I came across this site. It was Thursday night when I read about Sai experiences for first time and from that very moment I completely surrender myself to Sai. I have experience Sai’s presence many time in my life, this experience is just one of them. 

The experience which I am going share is of Last year. I literally forgot this incident but when I read about someone’s experience related to flight ticket etc. I recalled this incident and realize that Sai has showered His blessing on me long time ago. I and my husband applied for indefinite leave to remain in June 2012. Few months passed and we didn’t hear anything from home office. During that time my brother-in-law got engaged and we needed to attain his wedding in Feb 2013. We thought by that time we will receive our passports and all documents. It was mid Jan 2013 and still waiting. The marriage was fixed for 7th Feb. We were so stressed, all arrangements were done but my in- laws said that if we will not come for marriage they will cancel everything. We really didn’t want that to happen. I started praying to Sai Baba to resolve this problem. And on as He listened on 27th we received our passports and a letter that our ILR is granted and we will receive bio metric card in separate posts which normally takes one day. But 3 days passed and nothing came it was 30th Jan. 

So again I started praying to Baba and again He came as a Savior. We received our cards on 31st morning and we booked our flights for same day evening. My family was about to cancel all arrangements which would have cost lots of money but it did not happen. Now that evening one of our friends came to see off us at airport so we kept some of our luggage in their car and some in our cab. By mistake they took wrong route. We reached airport and they were just half an hour away from airport stuck in traffic. They told us that traffic was so bad that it will take them nearly an hour to reach airport. Here only 15 minutes were left to close the check in counter. Only we were left for check in formalities. We just lost hope that they will reach on time and I thought I have to board flight without my luggage. I started praying Sai Baba and saying “Shri Sainath Saranam Mamah”. My friend is also Sai devotee she also started praying to Sai. And she told me don’t know what happen they just took a left turn and there was not traffic on that road. Not even a single car to obstruct them. They just drove on that road and within 15 minutes they reached airport. By that time check in count was closed I was just standing there and crying. They told me that they can’t issue boarding pass. Suddenly an officer came and told the lady to check in my luggage and complete all formalities. We were last to board the flight and reached India on 2nd Feb. But because of Sai’ Grace not only our visa came on time but we were able to reach on time for marriage. After my brother-in-laws marriage, me and my whole family went to Shirdi to seek Baba’s Blessings. Now I am waiting for one more thing to happen and soon I will share another experience. Om Sai Ram 


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