Sai Always Helped Me- Anonymous Devotee from India

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Please do not reveal mail id. This is the first time I am sharing my experience. Two months back I shifted to Delhi from Kolkata. I stay with my younger brother and my parents, who are also strong believer of Saibaba stays in Shillong.

Experience 1: In Kolkata, I was staying in a PG. It had been a year after my MBA, I was working in private company. I was not happy with my job, so I decided to move to Delhi. On the month of June, I came to Delhi with just few clothes and most of my things (utensils, household items, clothes etc) I left in the PG as I already paid the rent in advance.

After appearing for 5 to 6 interview’s, I got selected in one and joined in July. On the month of August, I got a call from My PG that within a week I should shift my things as they do not want to keep the things anymore because of risk factor. So I took leave for two days and went to Kolkata just to shift my things. I boarded Duronto at 1pm from New Delhi and reached Howrah at 7am next day. I reached my PG and started packing things. There were about 6 bags, etc. A friend of mine already told me that he will keep the things at his place, so I was chilled. And my train to Delhi was next morning at 8am. So when I called him in the evening, he told me he will come next morning with his car and take all the luggage and that I should not worry.

Next morning I got ready and I left for station and boarded the train. And then when I called him, he said he will reach PG in the evening and take the things. I almost reached Allahabad and called him to en-quire, but at that time he said he cannot go (gave a lame excuse). A girl from the PG called me at that time and said that a new girl is going to shift to my bed and the PG owner said to shift my things by tomorrow morning or else she has to keep the things outside the gate. I called number of friends, but nobody helped. I started crying and was praying to God to help me out. Suddenly I called a person (whom I know by name and talked with him few times, but I never met) and told him about the problem. Thanks to Baba, he was just 20 min away from my PG in a cab (as he had some work to do in that area). He told me not to worry and he will take the things from the PG and will keep at his place. He went there and shifted all my belongings. I am really thankful to BABA to help me out.

Experience 2: In June 2011, I completed my MBA from Durgapur and shifted to Kolkata to a cousin’s place. She was married and her in-laws were very good and nice. As I did not like the college placement, so I kept on trying for jobs through personal reference staying there. Suddenly one day in the month of July my cousin’s father, who is my step-uncle, called my cousin and told her “it’s already been a month and she should tell me to search for my own accommodation”. I came to know this from my cousin brother. They all loved me and told me about their father’s behavior. They fought verbally with their father that how could he tell a girl to go away suddenly. But as he was their father after all, they were bound to obey him.

He finally travelled by flight from Hyderabad and came there for some work. The time he saw me, he started talking to me roughly. He had problems the way I eat, dress up, talk etc. My cousin, who was a mother of a 6 year old daughter, wore jeans and skirts at home. But when I wore, he started having problems. Just because my cousin and her in-law’s were too good, I was staying there. But suddenly one day my cousin told me that her father doesn’t like me and he wants me to find my own accommodation within 2 to 3 days. I narrated the whole incident to my mom and my mom said to shift immediately in a PG. I almost searched all PG’s in my budget, but couldn’t find one. So I shifted from my cousin’s place to a friend’s place. This friend of mine was pregnant and her delivery date was in coming week. She told me that I could stay with them till next week.

If I remember well, it was Tuesday and I was in bus thinking that day after tomorrow she will be admitted in hospital so where will I stay? I was continuously praying to BABA to help me. A girl, who was sitting beside me in the bus, started talking to me and I told her that I was desperately searching for a good PG in low budget. Next day she took me to the PG, where she used to stay. The PG was very good and the owner was also a very fine lady. The rent there was very minimal and it was in a posh area. Moreover I did not have to pay any advance. So I shifted immediately and stayed there joined a job before I shifted to Delhi. Thanks to BABA again. One thing I know that when there are no HOPES or any HELP from anybody, BABA is there for you. You have to have faith and Patience in HIM.


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