Baba Blessings For School Admission – A Good Experience

Here is a devotee experience of how they got school admission with Shirdi Sai Baba Blessings.

Om sai Ram dear friends. Thank you for managing such a beautiful website. Covid has really mentally upset a lot of us. But reading experiences is giving us hope every day. Each experience is another mental support for us. Don’t lose hope. Like all you sai devotees, I too have baba with me at every step. I have already posted several experiences, but, I remembered some very crucial experience that wasn’t possible with babas blessings.
This happened a long time back. My elder daughter was studying in a convent, even I had studied in the same school earlier. So I wanted my kids to study here too. Getting admission there is a big challenge since its one of the best schools in the area. Anyway, my elder daughter was already studying there & by babas’ grace, I was blessed with another daughter & I wanted her to join there too. Here are baba blessings for getting school admission.

My mom in law was an ex-teacher there, & since already one kid was studying there & my mil knows the office staff there well, we thought getting admission for 2nd kid will be very easy. But no baba had a big challenge for me. The school was very adamant, we have already given admission for ur one kid, we don’t have vacant seats. every day I & my mil would go & stand outside the school gate & when school will close we would run to see the head sister (principal), but she was very adamant I cannot give admission this time. This school gets MLA letters etc asking for admission & they are very clear, we will not take a bribe, we will not make recommendations. We are overfull & govt has told to reduce the number of students. So no new admissions can be taken. But still, I didn’t leave my faith. I fought with baba daily., u will show the way, u will do some miracle. Dutifully I & mil will go & stand by a gate & I will ask my elder daughter the principal timings when she will be coming & going so I can go & beg her. You will think about why I am so crazy to put my younger one in the same school. I don’t know why I am so crazy.

Shirdi Sai Blessings.
Shirdi Sai Blessings.

I just wanted my kids to study together in the same school. I didn’t leave my sai. June is the school opening for Chennai. it was already May 15th, no call still. My husband said it’s better we try other schools. We took forms & the last date to pay fees was nearing, I got scared. If I delay any longer I will not get admission to any school. Anyway, now all hope was lost. I had paid fees in another school & my daughter started going to the other school. Not the one where my elder daughter was going. My mom knew I am very upset & angry that this year I didn’t get means next year will be next to impossible. She told me don’t lose faith. My mil was like a rock with me. She said leave it I will get u admission next yr. my mil knew other sisters in the convent & called them & generally asked for the head sister (since it’s a convent, all the admin is mostly sisters of the convent). My mil generally spoke to her & told her my daughter in law is very nice to me & I just want to help her somehow. If u get me one last admission for my granddaughter I will be very happy. That head sister & my mil were very close. She said am really sorry I am retired. I cannot do anything. So we left it. The school was going normally, but in my mind daily I would ask baba why u did like this. What I did wrong. I did fasting, I did everything. Just one admission I asked.

July midterm exams started too. Suddenly in July, we got a call from the school. I was in the office, my mil hearing is a little bad, she thought the head sister is inviting her to sports (it was sports time in my elder daughters school & since my mil was an ex-teacher she gets invited to sports), my mil has heard the principal that come tomorrow for sports., whereas that head sister has told bring ur granddaughter tomorrow for an interview. Next day morning my mil is telling me I have to go to school for sports. So I said ok. I was at home luckily that day. My mil was getting ready to go to school. Suddenly again the phone from school has come & I picked up the call. The head sister knows me well. because each year we give sweets to all the convent nuns etc. so she is asking me why u didn’t come for an interview with ur daughter ??? I was shocked. I asked what interview sister, she says yesterday I told ur mil to bring ur granddaughter today for an interview at 11. My dear devotees, I felt as if I am going to faint. Mid-July when all admissions r closed & my kid is in another school. I am getting an interview call. I told her sorry sister my mil hearing is bad, maybe she heard wrong, I will come in 1 hr.
My mil came out & asked who it was I told her whole story. She started crying Aayo we will not get because of my stupidity. I said no it’s not late. I ran to my younger daughter’s school & cried & lied there & said I have an emergency & I need to take my kid back home. My husband went to atm to withdraw cash just in case we have to pay fees. We reached the school in 45 meters & ran to the principal office & they took my daughter’s interview & in half hr, they told us to go pay the fees & join her from tomorrow.

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Now my sai sisters & brothers, how is this possible. We had given up all hope. I just left it. I was angry with sai, but see how he made it possible. everything happens for a reason. If I got admission easily maybe I wouldn’t be sharing this experience today.

Have faith in him. Shradha, saburi & Shukrana – we hv to be thankful to our Baba. That’s all about Baba blessings for getting school admission.

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