Sai Maa Please Give My Love Back – Devotee From India

Sai devotee prayer from India:

Sai Ram please give me back my love. I am very sorry for all my mistakes. I want to repent. I promise to fulfil the relationship to my best ability once you give me back my boyfriend. I want to consider him for marriage Sai Ram. Please help. I will fulfil all that I have vowed, once you return him back to me. I cannot live without him Sai Ram. Please help me. please. I have full faith in you. I know I have to be patient. but please don’t take too long. I feel so empty without him. Each day feels like years.

Baba I promise I will post about your miracle here when I get him back, so that other people in need can develop more faith in you and we can spread your love. Thank you Sai Ram, for always being here for me. You have helped me so many times. Please help me this time too. I really need you.

Om Sai Ram.


  1. Sai Maa! Please help me in my personal life and in my career. I am very much depressed and i am not able to concentrate on you also. Please Baba come for me once and help me out Please i want you to show mercy on me and guide me.


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