Sai Satcharita Miracle and Sai Baba Presence

Here is one of the Sai Baba devotee stories about Sai Satcharita miracle and His presence.

Sai Satcharita Miracle and Sai Baba Presence

Dear Sai family,

OM SAI RAM. I cherish this fraternity of faith and surrender. I am a devotee from Haldwani, Uttarakhand. Here’s my page of devotion. It’s very humbling to share and connect.

Few days back one of my ex University students contacted me who had been dumped by his steady girl friend after 12 years, just ahead of their planned future to marry. I promised him I would observe Sai fasts for him, total nine in number and ask Sai to bless him with a suitable life partner while taking away his pain. That way he would get comfort and I would come closer to Sai by Bhakti and grace. I have always been a Sai seeker. After my first fast for my student I had a dream towards morning in which someone was offering me two identical prasad packets in an aluminium puja thali. They were crumpled into two balls of similar size. There was also a nose ring i.e. small nath in the thali. I realized later that the two packets represented ‘Shraddha and Saburi.’

Shirdi Sai Original Photo.
Shirdi Sai Original Photo.

I was very happy. I searched the net and sent a random Sai pic to my student assuring him of Sai’s blessings. After sending, upon enlarging the pic on my mobile screen I realized that the odhni or dupatta that Sai was wearing in the pic was a Rangwali dupatta, that had been draped around Him by a devotee or temple authorities. Surprise of surprises! It was the dupatta that girls wear in my Kumaoni community during their marriage. I am sure Sai is going to bless my student with a good match. Somehow I had the inspiration to go one step ahead and offer Sai Satcharita path too in this period. Because of lockdown I have time these days. On my second Thursday fast I started Satcharita reading and I completed it in one week. Today after 3rd fast, my family fed our building’s security guard and gave him alms since we can’t approach many people because of social distancing.

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This experience has been very very transformative for my entire family as we’ve grown in faith. Also I’d like to share one mystical experience. During one of the days of Sai Satcharita path I remember closing the wooden door of puja room( the yellow door just outside the mesh door). I switch off the fans and close all doors for Sai puja everyday. I was immersed in offering twelve o’clock Arti of Sai before reading the beautiful chapters of Sat Charita. I saw my sister open the wooden door while leaving the mesh door closed for air to enter. She didn’t make eye contact with me. All this while she was talking to someone on her mobile. She just left the room in three to four seconds. Later after stepping out, I asked my sister why she had opened the yellow door. She was surprised as she hadn’t entered the pooja room knowing I was praying to Sai.

Shirdi Sai Nath Maharaj.
Shirdi Sai Nath Maharaj.

All my family members stood by her statement and said she hadn’t entered the room. We all entered the room together again. The yellow wooden door was open. The mesh (jaali) door was latched. WHO ELSE BUT SAI! We all were wonder struck and praised Sai, for He had come in the form of my sister in the very clothes she was wearing that day. Our faith in Shirdi Sai is very very profound now. Later I remembered, on the particular day of His darshan I had asked Him to visit me in some form that day and to partake of the puja proceedings. The loving father, boorhe faqir granted me my humble request. He also made sure I get fresh air and the heavenly aroma fills the house and surroundings. He knows I switch off the fan for the diya flame to remain lit.

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These days have been very very serene. My family has prepared lunch and offered Him daily. Ghee diyas have been lit and sweet smelling incense sticks and dhoop have created an atmosphere of true devotion. Flowers have been offered to Him and on Thursdays my family has done collective arti, in which all have participated. I know my Sai will grant a faithful and loving life partner to my student and will bless him in his career too. He is always with the broken hearted.
Meanwhile He has blessed our house and drawn us towards Him as a family.

In the past we have seen many Sai Satcharita miracle experiences. Once  you complete the book, you can see Baba wonders. That’s all devotees about Sai Satcharita Miracle. Thank you dear brother in faith for you have given me a platform to share my story. I hope all the readers are blessed. OM SAI RAM!

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  1. What a beautiful experience. I could feel babajaan in your words. Same goes in my house. We too pray Baba day and night and are able to feel his presence .


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