Sai Darshan Wonder – Sai Devotee From India

Hi , I am sapna from India and I am an ardent devotee of shirdi Sai.I go to Sai temple in the mornings when Aarti / Snan is happening  but they don’t allow you to touch Sai’s feet at that time. Darshan is from a distance while Pandits perform the rituals. I prayed to Baba that I wanted to touch your feet and get blessings and came out of Sai Temple. A I was driving home I crossed another temple which has been visited by me a number of times . It houses idols of Gods such as kaali Maa, Shiv jI , Krishna Ji, etc. I decided to stop there and pray. a I was praying I wondered where some devotees were heading and I followed . To my surprise there was a tall and beautiful idol of Sai Baba and no crowd. I touched his feet and took his blessings. Now I am a regular visitor there. I wonder why I had not discovered this idol earlier even though I have visited that temple so many times.

Sai-We Love you.
Sai-We Love you.

Thanks Sai Baba . You grant every wish if sincerely asked . We love you Sai..


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