Shirdi Sai Miracles – Devotee Experiences

Hello devotees, today we received some Shirdi Sai Miracles and Wishes to be fulfilled. We are presenting as they are: Let’s start Shirdi Sai Miracles experiences.

Shirdi Sai Miracles and Devotee Experiences

1) Thank you sai for everything you do for us

Hi to all devotes, firstly I would like to thank each and everyone for organizing this blog which helps us to gain more faith and patience while reading each sai devotees experience!!

My name is Keerthi from Hyderabad and I’m a sai devotes since my schooling I am 31 years old now, I have en number of experience with SAI ..he is the one whom I also remember first when I need of anything and when I’m thankfully for my life.

Here I’m not sharing any experience right now but one day sure I’m going to do that on the same blog, that’s not because I don’t have experience with sai as I said life I’m leading a happy life now with my husband and child is only with the blessing of sai ram.. but I would like to tell the sai devotes to have patience and faith on sai he knows the wish and wants in our life he already had a good plan and path for each and every of his child, just that things may not happen that the point of time we wish but he himself will show us a way to be happy and reach the success, well it may with relationships, health need, job search, wealth wise, etc.. he has his plans for us already just he want us to be more patient and wait. Please don’t lose hope on sai is always here to help us and save us. we are his children no matter what sai never leave us alone he is always with us. KEEP PRAYING!! OM SAI RAM OM SAI RAM AND OM SAI RAM!!!!

2) Wish to be fullfilled

Om sai ram, with sai baba blessings we loved each other from different places and different castes and got married in 2012 in a different place(Nagpur Sai Baba temple Wardha road) it is really a miracle from then I started believing Sai Baba, and in 2013 we are blessed with a baby boy with baba blessings and everything is going well, suddenly in 2018 my husband has a relationship with the other woman from his office, and she is unmarried, she knows everything that my husband is married and he is having kid, I told her that please leave my husband, first time she told even I’m a woman I can understand your pain, we will not continue this she told, later again started moving each other, in 2019 my husband went off from the house and staying in a hostel and in 2020 he sent me a divorce from the court, hoping that baba will make him realize that I and my son are important, and still waiting with patience that baba will resolve my issue soon and send my husband back to us.


Sai Baba
Shirdi Sai

3) Believe in Sai Miracle

Omsairam!! Thanks to the admin group to create this platform Sharing the latest Miracle. I asked my husband to be part of Mahaparayan and he has not said yes or No yet. I was supposed to complete my reading Thursday but Baba put me in a situation that I worried if I can complete or not and I ended up asking my Husband to read and I also read, it’s Baba’s blessing to make him read.

Secondly, I was put into so much difficult situation at the office for 24 hours and prayed to baba, and because of Baba’s blessing we got a resolution with Pride. Omsairam

4) Sai Satcharitra Miracles

Hello friends, believe me, if you start reading the Satcharitra book before you finish the book, Baba will give you a clear picture of your problem yes will experience Shirdi Sai Miracles. I have so many such miracles. You must concentrate on the content, try to imagine how Sai Baba used to bless people in  Shirdi in the olden days. Some people used to cure their problems with Sacred Vibhudi from Dhuni distributed by Sai, Some people were blessed by coconuts given by Sai Especially for Baby births.  While reading the book you can see in many times Sai baba used to ask for Dakshina. You must understand why baba asks Dakshina?.

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Shirdi Sai Baba
Shirdi Sai Baba

Baba never allowed to fasting, so don’t pray Baba on empty stomach. Baba used to say you must pay back debt, and enmity. While reading Satcharitra, if you remember these important points and implement them in real life, you will be protected by Sai. Apart from these, Sai loves animals and all other lives. You can find a chapter in Sai Satcharitra where baba is satisfied with his hunger by offering a Roti to a street Dog, it indicates that Sai Baba lives everywhere. We are fools to think that Sai Baba lives in Shirdi Only. He knows where we are and what we are doing and keeps protecting us from all directions. There were many diseases including cholera cured by Baba’s grace and blessings.  Start praying Sai whatever you do, you will be succeeded without any doubt. In the 1900s Baba used to cook different dishes and fed many poor people. According to Satcharitra, “Annadhanam” is one of the best things is anyone can do to get rid of your sins. Offer food who are in need including animals, god will bless you.  Let us conclude with the last sentence to prove that Sai is omnipotent, as we know SAI never stepped out of Shirdi except for Neem Gam, and Rahata villages, but Sai know the exact timings of Manmad train timings and used to advise people to reach and catch the train in Manmad on right time.

Sri Sachidanada Sadguru Sainath Maha Raj Ki Jai!!!!. That’s all about Shirdi Sai Miracles experiences today!

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  1. I love him – I was given a manifestation of a gold metal with Sia Baba and Shirdi – I had it on my neck and then it disappeared FROM the chain – and I have been praying for last few years to get it to return to me. PLEaSe come back to me.


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