Shirdi Sai Baba IS My Saviour – Anonymous Devotee From India

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I and my family are ardent devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba. First of all, I must thank you that you have started such a wonderful website, where at least all Sai devotees can share personal experiences of Sai’s blessings in our life. Baba has helped us at multiple occasions in our life. I would like to share some of the experiences with you. Request you not to share my name and email id.
I started worshiping Sai Baba from the year 2003, when I joined my under graduation in Chennai. There was a Sai Temple nearby, which I used to go regularly. Sai has been to close with me then on. He gave me all I wanted in my life. If I start telling the miracles he has done in my life I need to post daily. I am just sharing a few experience with all Sai devotees.

Once in 2005, when I performed one of my exam badly, though I learnt well, so I wrote everything I knew about that answer. I thought I would fail. That evening I went to the temple and was crying and after my results came, I heard I got pass. Next day, when I went to college, all of my friends came and started wishing me. After that I came to  know that not only I got just pass, but I got distinction in that same subject. During my college days, Sai was always with me. I passed my final year with topper in one subject.

Next year, I got married to a guy whom my family fixed. One week before engagement and one week before wedding, my mom was hospitalized for major illness. I prayed to Baba that she should get cured and she became fine before the wedding. But I didn’t know those were the signs of Baba telling me not to get married with that person. After marriage, I faced so many problems with that guy and his mom. Both has planned and cheated our family. While I was with him, he tortured me and my family, which cannot even be shared.

Once early morning, I saw a old man in white clothes coming and pulling my hand and telling come with me don’t stay with this person, he might kill you. I just got up, it was a dream. My mind knows that was Baba, but my heart couldn’t accept it because I always thought one day all my problems would come to end. Till I lived with that guy, whenever there was a problem, I used to cry before Baba telling Him to sort the problem. Immediately that would get resolved. I used to do Guruvar Vrat for one year, when I was living with him.

Later he started giving me sleeping pills and started beating me. Even I have gone to an extreme of committing suicide once, but before that I thought of reading Sai Satcharitra, I usually keep the book in my hand and flip any page closing my eyes and what chapter comes would be Baba’s message for me. When I flipped the page, it was a story telling that even if you die, your karma of past generation would follow you, and you have to experience it. I started to cry and quit the idea. Meanwhile I started to have severe irritable bowel disease due to stress. My parents came to know completely about him through my neighbours and they took me to my native place. That minute I prayed Baba do what is good for me. Within a month, I got divorced from that guy.

After that nearly for couple of months, I never did pooja, nor prayers. I developed hatred towards Baba, why He did this to me? I never committed any mistakes! Why did I get such big punishment? There came an answer through my father’s friend. One day all at my home decided to go to Baba temple, they called me I refused going. My dad told you come and sit in the car, we will go and come. Meanwhile my dad stopped at his friend’s clinic. He asked me to come inside. He gave me a photograph of Sai and UDI and told pray to Sai all your problem would vanish. Don’t worry what happened you have experienced your past karma all from now on will be good. That day I too went to Sai temple and cried badly.

There was no treatment for irritable bowel syndrome in allopathy. My mother took me to a homeopathic clinic. I never thought it would get cured, it was really a miracle!! Need I have to say the name of the clinic was Sai homeo clinic and the doctor was an ardent devotee of Sai. After a year, I joined post graduation. It was very difficult to get seat as college got filled before a year. But luckily I got a seat. To all surprise the friends, I got in college. In hostel all were Sai devotees. In second year, my parents got me married to one of my cousin. Before marriage one of my sisters told that Baba would come to your marriage through some person. At least if you don’t recognize him that, later you would. Similarly after a week, when I opened the gifts, I got a Baba dollar in gold presented by a family friend. I was immensely happy that Baba blessed us.

Within a month I conceived. I was really afraid about the baby as we were second degree cousins and I being a medico was scared about the anomalies and syndromes. We prayed whatever child it would be we would name him as “Sai”. I prayed Baba sincerely as I couldn’t be in fast; my husband went throughGuruvar Vrat for 9 months. Actually he wasn’t a devotee of Baba, but he became devotee after few incidents happened in his office. Each time I went to scan or blood test, I used to pray Baba and whenever I got any symptom of fever or headache during pregnancy, I just use to take UDI with water; everything would vanish the next day.

I always wanted a baby girl and was worried about my dissertation. Once through question answer sitewhen I typed a number, it came as you will finish your work in time and you will get a baby boy. I was shocked, usually I used to get answers indirectly, but this time it was so direct for what I thought in mind. But I had a strong determination it would be a girl. Within few months, I had a normal delivery and it was a baby boy and we have named as Sai. After few hours of birth, I found a small hemangioma (small benign swelling) in his head and the pediatrician confirmed it. I prayed to Baba that we would take our son to Shirdi and nine other Baba temple in and around Tamilnadu and distribute sweets if gets alright. By the grace of Baba, it has completely disappeared. We have gone to nearly 7 temples and got Baba’s blessing. I have lost so many things, but always after thinking a moment about I would get it. My marriage and all the occasions like baby shower that followed this year was on Thursday including my birthday.

In my studies too, Baba blessing has been great. Each month we used to do 3 seminars and my turn was always on Thursdays and I managed to score best mark. In few months I am going to write my post graduation exams, but recently I was diagnosed with a disease and I am currently under treatment. I had availed leave of three months, so my attendance percentage was low and they informed that I will not be allowed for exams on March. I started feeling really bad and prayed to my BABA. Suddenly everything changed within two days and I was allowed for exams. I am really happy. I hope that everything would be fine within six months and I would write my exams without any problem. I know Baba would help me come out with flying colours. For all those, who have faith on Baba, are blessed by Baba. You might face difficulties due to your past karma, do not lose faith on Him. Keep praying. Satchithananda Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.


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