Sai Baba Gave Me a Job – It’s My Expereince Miracle

Sai Baba Gave Me a Job:

A devotee experience of how she got her job back because of Sai Baba.

Om Sai Ram! Baba please forgive me if there will be any mistake in my writing.
Here I start my experience with baba, I belong to Haryana and I’m from a middle-class family. I’m doing a job in MNC company in Gurgaon. For the last 5-6 years, I stay in Gurgaon and come home every 15-20 days. I am in a relationship with a boy for 5-6 years who belongs to UP and doing a job in Mumbai nowadays. We both love each other and want to marry. But there is some problem with our family’s side because of the cast.
After talking 2-3 times about him and our marriage at my home my family did not get agree and this time they decided that they will not let me go Gurgaon again and all my luggage and essentials will bring back at home and will not let me start my job. ( I was on break from job for 1 month because I was in a contractual job). They blamed me very badly and said I ruined their image in front of the society they will not able to show their face in front of anyone.

Although I have not done such things. We both never decided that we will run away or will hurt our families. We always wanted to convince them so that they will also be happy and I wanted to show them that the boy is very good they will have proud of my choice but their thinking was completely opposite just because of interest.

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Shirdi Sai Baba.
Shirdi Sai Baba.

So they didn’t allow me to go back to Gurgaon. I was completely depressed no one was with me I have been completely broken, my love is gone my job gone, the two very important things of my life. I went into depression. Then one day thought came in my mind, in Gurgaon my roommate is Sai baba devotee and she was also doing Sai Vrat. Then I messaged her and asked about Sai Vrat. She called me right away and told me about everything about Vrat. And I decided to do Sai Vrat. It was Sai Miracle that after few days I planned one interview and my family allowed me to go back. I came to Gurgaon and appears for an interview they called me for the second round, in between I came to know that my bf’s family forced him and they made him ready for doing marriage with someone else. I called him messaged him but the situation was out of control I did everything which I could do that time. Here my family came to know about all this, after interviews I came back home for talking again about our marriage through my Tauji who has been ready for this marriage but here at my home again the situation was completely different. They again decided that this time chahe kuch bhi ho they can not allow me to go back and start my job. But again the miracle of Sai baba happened and I go back to Gurgaon gave an interview in another MNC company and they called me for the second round. I started Sai Vrat and only after the first Vrat (on Thursday I started my first Vrat and on Monday) I got a call for my selection in that company.

The original pic of Sainath maharaj.
The original pic of Sainath Maharaj.

I joined the company on 2nd March and the lockdown started on 22nd March. Everyone knows in this lockdown and even after lockdown there will be difficult to get a job. Sai Baba did a miracle and I got one of the very important things in my life again. Day and night I pray, Baba please give back my love, it’s very difficult to live without him. You are the only hope for me. I don’t want to hurt anyone please humari families ko samjha do please baba. Abi sirf rishta dekha h unhone abi kuch bhi pakka nhi hua h baba please fir se apna miracle kar do baba. I will come shirdi with him for your darshan baba. Please make us Strong in this difficult time meri Shraddha Or Saburi bani rahe bas baba else I have complete faith in you that you will do some miracle and will complete my wish for which I m doing prayers day and night. Om Sai Ram!. That’s all about my experience of how Shirdi Sai Baba gave me a job with his blessings.

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