Baba Miracles and Blessings With His Devotees

Baba Miracles and Blessings With His Devotees:

Baba Miracles #1, How Baba Gave Darshan:

Sai Devotee From Middle East Writes: My husband’ s move to Panvel brought me in contact with Sai Baba. Before this, I hadn’t ever heard of His name. Whatever, I am today, it’s all of the blessings of Sai Baba. It all started way back in 1986.

I am blessed with two children. The second one, my daughter was born on 20th November. My husband changed his occupation just after her birth and this brought us to Panvel.

(my daughter) in his arms and that he was just playing with her. It was that time that my husband returned. My dad’s back was towards him and Ankita’s head was on his shoulder. So my husband was only talking to her, touching her face and hands. My dad thought that my husband got hold of my daughter’s hand, let her go. She dropped down.

It was at this time, I came in touch with a friend who had been a fantastic devotee of Sai Baba. He told me to go to Shirdi and pray to Him. In addition, he asked me to go to the Sai Mandir in Panvel too. Ankita had a big lump on her mind because of the fall. I wanted to go to Shirdi whenever possible.

We took a train to Nasik and from there travelled by bus. On reaching Shirdi, we refreshed ourselves and after buying prasad stood in the queue. During this time, there were no shades and we had to stand in the scorching heat. However, my baby was sleeping peacefully all of the time and after a few hours, we entered the Samadhi Mandir.

I was chanting His name all of the time and after offering the Pooja, sat down just a little distance from His expansive statue. I was praying to Him fervently and then I saw a light coming out of Sai ‘s eyes, and I can’t describe my feelings.

We came back to the area, rested and came back down with our luggage as we had to catch the bus to Mumbai. My husband was looking for someone to take us to the bus rack as the bag was thick. We had been getting late and suddenly we saw a man coming our way with a limp. He offered to carry our suitcase. My husband asked how far will he take and can you imagine, ” he requested for only Rupee two or so. I was a bit hesitant about allowing him to carry the load. He seemed old and was also limping. But talking in Marathi, ” he told me, it’s okay and he will do it. I was just speechless. My eyes followed him until he squeezed into the audience. I was convinced that He had been Sai Baba only Who came to help me at this hour of need. This way He gave me His (Sai Baba) darshan two times on my first visit to Shirdi.

And from that day onwards, I just placed myself in His hands. He has given me a lot in this life and always taken care of me and my family. Whatever we are here today is simply due to His blessings. He is my mother, dad, sadguru, everything … I owe everything to Shirdi Sai Baba.

Every Thing is Possible with Sai.
Every Thing is Possible with Sai.

Baba Miracles #2 – Nine Thursday Vrat Miracle:

Sai Devotee from the United States Writes: Came to understand about Sai Baba’s 9 Thursday Vrat from my colleague. We (I and my husband) have been in big immigration problem. Last 3 weeks was a testing period in our life. Though my only solace and savior is Sai Baba.

We started our permanent resident processes (green card) about 10 years back. We had difficulty in every single petition we applied. Last year, our petition was moved to the final stage. We believed that the long trip is going to end. Unfortunately, our green card denied. Because of an immigration officer’s mistake, the wrong file was known. I moved from standing, need to leave the country within 6 weeks of denial and lost my job. We were in deep despair, sleepless nights. We think about this process every single minute as we do not have an opportunity to explain to anyone just wait and wait after applying petition.

I was sharing my difficulty with my friend. She advised me to perform Sai Baba 9 Thursday Vrat. Since it was Thursday, I started on the same day evening. I wasn’t a big devotee of Sai Baba at the time. As I began my Thursday Vrat I was able to sense the presence of Sai Baba with me. I was saved from the accident because of my Sai Baba. I got powerful faith in Sai Baba which I will get my problem resolved by the time I finish Sai Baba Vrat. Every single day my devotion strengthened. I do read Datta Bavani every day. I cry in front Sai Baba photos. He is carrying my weight on Him. I continue praying to Baba, ” We do not have anybody to solve this immigration issue other than You. You’re the only savior. Please give us peace” Three weeks passed with faith on Sai Baba.I finished my 9th Thursday Vrat.

By Tuesday we received email starting of the green card production order. No words to explain how much Sai Baba did for us. It is nothing other than Sai Ram’s miracles. I understood clearly we need faith and patience and He will take care of rest.

Sai Ram gave us peace, happiness within a week I completed my Sai Vrat. My family is thankful for the remainder of life. Sai Ram augmented our devotion. One day after my night aarti I told my husband that you create a reminder notice that we will get our problem solved until the end of November. He made a note on his mobile. The day before yesterday my husband was reading the notice he left in his mobile, Om Sai Ram fix the problem prior to the end of November and I am wordless to explain his miracles.

Now we have a green card in hand by Sai’s grace. We are planning for India trip after six decades. I am praying Sai Baba to bless us Shirdi trip.

Sai is Great.
Sai is Great.

Baba  Miracles #3, How Health Issue Got Solved:

Sai Devotee from the United States Writes: Hi devotees, I am a Sai Baba’s devotee since 6 weeks. Here I would like to discuss my experience. I have undergone plenty of health issues in the last few years. This past year, I had a surgery, which was unsuccessful because the exact same thing has reoccurred this year. I was so much worried and cried a lot. The doctor did tell me that three processes have to be done and I may want to visit the hospital regularly. I was so scared about the treatment program.

When I came back home Fixing the surgery date, suddenly I saw Sai Baba picture in my mobile and began praying. After a lot of confusions, I accepted for the operation and it went nicely. To my surprise after surgery, the doctor did tell me that he only did a minor process and you are totally fine”. I was so much relieved. Sai Baba helped me recover from that. I did read Sai Satcharitra book during the recovery time and it gave me a lot of strength. From this time onwards, I become Sai Baba devotee and got a great deal of faith in Him.

I performed 9 Thursdays Vrat following fourteen days. Everything is fine now. I am back in the form it’s only due to Sai Baba. He won’t let His devotees down, not only this Sai Baba has saved us from many critical situations. Thank You, Sai Baba, for taking care of us.

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