Couple of Sai Baba wonderful Miracles


Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hi I am a Sai Baba’s devotee since 6 months. Here I would like to share my experience. I have undergone lot of health issues in the past couple of years. Last year, I had a surgery, which was unsuccessful because the same thing has reoccurred this year. I was so much worried and cried a lot. The doctor did tell me that three procedures have to be done and I may need to visit the hospital frequently. I was so scared about the treatment plan.

When I came back home Fixing the surgery date, suddenly I saw Sai Baba picture in my mobile and started praying. After lot of confusions, I accepted for the surgery and it went well. To my surprise after surgery, doctor did tell me that “he only did a minor procedure and you are totally fine”. I was so much relieve. Sai Baba helped me recover from that. I did read Sai Satcharitra book during the recovery time and it gave me lot of strength. From that time onwards, I become Sai Baba devotee and got lot of faith on Him.

I performed 9 Thursdays Vrat after few weeks. Everything is fine now. I am back in form it’s only because of Sai Baba. He won’t let His devotees down, not only this Sai Baba has saved us from many critical situations. Thank You Sai Baba for taking care of us!!! Please stay with us and bless us.

Miracle -2:

Sai Brother Venugopal Ji from India says: I became a devotee of Sai Baba from August 2013 and have experienced many small miracles of SaiBaba. This incident is about how Sai Baba hears your request if you pray for other

My best friend’s father had a stroke and was paralyzed for 2 months and was in complete bed rest. Slowly he started walking on his own and was even able to walk to the streets on his own. Last Thursday (14th Nov 2013), he went for a walk and didn’t return for four days. Even the police didn’t accept the complaint saying they can’t search for an old sick man and my friend was completely helpless.

Day by day she was losing hope and even feared that her father might have died. On Monday (18th Nov 2013), at around 8.45 am, I prayed to Baba if He bring her father, I will go to His temple along with my friend every month. Miracle of miracles, at 9.30 am, I got a call from her saying that her father was brought to home by a guy. I was speechless and sweetly shocked, when Baba fulfilled my request within 45 minutes. I even told my friend about the prayer I made to Baba, but she was angry on me saying that how dare me pray to bring her to Baba’s temple. The problem is she says that she doesn’t believe in Baba. But I believe Baba will make her understand His miracle.


Sai Seetha Ji from USA says: I am a very true devotee of Baba. I am in USA now and want to share this experience with all devotees. I started my 9 weeks fasting last week and today Thursday is my 2nd week. I have already shared about the blessings of Baba in my family and my daughter born after 3 years with the one and only Baba’s grace. 2 days back, I just wanted to clean the puja place getting ready for next Thursday. I found the flower, which I kept on Baba’s head dried and was fixed like the shape of the turban cloth he wears around His head. At first I didn’t realize. Later on taking another idol and compared to the folding of the cloth, It exactly matches it as if towel tied by a flower. I don’t know how to explain how I felt, but wanted to share it with you. The one, who holds the Baba statue, is my daughter of 4 years old who was born with Sai’s grace. Let Sai bless all the devotees, Peace be with you all.



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