Saibaba Miracle During My Professional Degree Admission – Devotee from India

Anonymous devotee from India says: I am from India and have completed my professional Master’s degree. I wanted to share anexperience with all devotees of Baba! I wrote theentrance exam for my professional degree and got a good state wide rank. I had applied to a few universities and was expecting a call from a good university. When I didn’t receive the call even after three weeks of applying, I called them up only to find that they haven’t considered me because they thought I belonged to a different region in the state, which comes under another university. I was asked to submit proof from the MRO office that I have been in that particular region and can be considered a native of the region.

I was very disheartened, prayed to Baba and immediately went to the MRO office. By Baba’s grace, I found an uncle of one of my friends in the office and he helped me get the document from the MRO within half an hour! I took the document and rushed to the city the university was in.

By Baba’s grace, one of my uncles knew a professor in the university and I went to meet the professor the next morning. He told me that he can get me 5 min with the Dean of admissions and that is the most he can do. I prayed to Baba and went to meet the Dean. I explained my situation to him and also produced the document. He told me that the selection is done and he will consider me for the next round if anyone drops out. I was dejected and came out of his office thanking him for giving me time to meet him. I went to meet the professor to thank him as well. All the while I was praying to Baba to perform a miracle and save me otherwise I was going to lose a year if I didn’t get admission.

Imagine my surprise when a peon came running to the professor’s office asking for me. He told the professor that the Dean wants to see me immediately. I went back to the Dean’s office to be told that I can be accommodated in the current selection round as my rank is good. Two days later the selection happened and I got a seat in the university. This happened 10 years ago, but I still cannot forget the day and the circumstances. Had it not been Baba’s miracle, I would not be in the position I am today. Sainath Maharaj ki jai.


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