Sai Baba Blessed Me with a Job, Change in a Day – Anonymous devotee from USA

Anonymous devotee from USA says: Om Sai Ram, I would take the blessings of my Baba to write down this miraculous experience that I had. I got little close to baba through my college where I did my engineering, the management was Sai devotees. After getting married my in laws were also followers of Sai Baba, Baba blessed me with my first job after which I started doing a small fast on Thursdays after my wish was fulfilled.

This is an experience on my second job that I am posting here. Please do not publish my name or email Id. I was working for a reputed MNC and I live in Columbus Ohio. My husband also works for another MNC over here. We both were on our H1 Visas. It so happened that all of sudden my project here was about to end. There was a situation that I must go to India for a week or two and then there is a possibility that I can come back to Columbus or should be choosing to move to any other location in USA. I did not even have resume prepared since I was with this company for almost 7 years and had no idea of changing my job. My friends suggested me to create a resume and start looking outside. 

I just did that but had no hopes since it was just two or three weeks left (not sure exactly though how many weeks it was). While all this was going on, all of sudden my husband was told that his project is also ending and must be prepared to move to a different location. We were so confused not knowing what to do. I could not ask my manager for a project in any specific location since I was not sure wheremy husband will get a project. Same was his situation too. Finally I chose to go to Seattle and we decided that my husband will also ask for a project there or would search for another job. I told my manager that I am ok for a project in Seattle. My interview was done and I was told to go to India for 2 weeks till I get my LCA and travel to Seattle after that. My tickets to India were also booked. I was supposed to travel to India on Sunday. It was a Thursday, I was in my office. I got a call from a consultancy for a position in Columbus Ohio. I told them I am not interested since I am going to India in two days and changing job in 2 days is very risky for me. The consulting person told me that if ever I change my mind, he asked to give him a call back.

I went home and told my husband about this consultant. He forced me to give a try. So I left a voice mail to the consultant to give me call back and went to Baba’s temple on Thursday. I didn’t know what to ask Him because asking Him to show me a job in 3 days, I thought I cannot even ask that thinking it is not possible. I did not know what to pray. So I was just telling my husband, “Can Baba do something so that I will stay with you here instead of going to India all alone”. All the while in the temple I was thinking of the same. We came out of the temple and when I was about to come out a car from behind hit our car. I was so tensed, I am traveling on Sunday to India and then go to Seattle. I have to repair my car now. I was asking my husband why did this happen. We came to see God and why did this happen. I took off on Friday since I had to fix my car. I got a call from consultant that morning saying he can schedule an interview on Friday and get me an offer letter the same day if I clear the interview. I was still nervous but my husband and my friends were telling me to give a try. I think it was Baba in their form who forced me try. I went to the interview, got selected by noon and by around 3.30 or 4.00 pm I got an offer letter as well. I was so scared to give resignation to my old company.

Please note I got my first job also because of Baba’s grace as mentioned above. My hands were trembling. I called my manager and told him this. He was very upset. He did not believe that I could change the job in a day. It was hard for me myself to believe. No wonder if someone will ever even believe if I tell this. They cancelled my tickets to India and accepted my resignation. I was feeling bad for hurting my manager. I was very scared and upset but priority for me was to be with my husband. So I had to take that decision. I don’t even know if this ever again possible to get a job in day. It was just possible only and only because of Baba. After two weeks my husband got a different project in the same company where he was earlier. Baba’s mercy is unexplainable. I know Thank you is not enough to tell him, but I will ever be grateful and thankful to him. 

I pray to Baba to bless me and my family to be his devotes always and place his humble blessing hands on me and my family and all the Sai Devotees. Anantha koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Sri Satchidananda Sadguru Sainadh Maharaj Ki Jai. 


  1. I am a devotee of Baba too. While going through your story of job finding and family reunion ,i also wish my family gets reunioined.I am staying all alone from my husband and kids for my present job. Please pray for me also.Om Shri Sai Samarthya.

  2. I got my first job due to baba’s blessings. I got all the good things due to his blessings. but today i pray for his blessings for my wife. Eagerly waiting for his miracle to help us.


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