Sai Baba Gift – My Little Angle; Other Miracles of Sai

Sai Baba Gift.
Sai Baba Gift.

Sai Baba Gift:

Om Sai Ram to all. Though baba has helped me in every step of my life, but this experience of mine is a true miracle. Now lets us get into the details of sai baba gift.

I was pregnant for fourth time, where in all my past tbree pregnancies had given me no blessings with various pains. Thus this time with baba’s grace things were going smooth in every step, but just 2.5 months before my delivery, all of a sudden I lost my fatherwho was waiting for my child very desperately. Then somehow with a very heavy heart I carried my pregnancy to full term, and luckily I got blessed with a healthy, active daughter. Still doctors asked for a day of observation of my child considering my pregnancy history. And within an hour of my delivery, to my surprise, my husband informed me that our daughter turned blue while giving ber the first test feed in the nersary. And then it was tested that she had some major heart issue which is not curable.

Baba Gift.
Baba Gift.

This news devasted me like anything… I could not explain in words how I spent the entire night in the hospital, as the hospital authorities had said to take her to some pediatric cardiologist who can review the diagnosis and suggest further. The entire night me, my mom kept on praying to baba to do some miracle. And as alwsys the very next day when I took her to Max hospital, to the said cardiologist, she reexamined her and declared that she is a healthy child with no heart problem.

Our happiness had no limit, we were spellbound. Then again we readmitted her to the former hospital for three dsy observation wherein with our beloved baba’s grace she took her feeds regularly and was confirmed by the hospital authorities that the initial report diagonosed by the hospital was incorrect and the baby is healthy to be discharged. This can not be possible unless our Sai baba show his mercy and blessings. I really hope baba will keep his blessings always on my daughter, on my mother (who is a staunch devotee of our Sai Nath) and on all of us. Hope he will bless my daughter to become a good and healthy human being. Baba please forgive me for any mistake I have done while narrating this experience. And do forgive me for all the mistakes I have done in my life. Om Sai, Jai Sai, Jai Jai Sai.

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Sai Baba’s Miracle:

Om Sai Ram to all devotees. Thank you so much to the admins who are running this wonderful blog and connecting our beloved Baba’s devotees from across the world.

Om Sai Ram.
Om Sai Ram.

I want to share a small experience from today. A small background regarding this experience. I always buy a packet of biscuits when I am in office and feed stray dogs when I come back at home at night. Today when I reached office there was a packet of biscuit at my desk. I don’t know who kept it. I forgot about it some time late and didn’t want to have it so kept in my bag. When I was coming back home I suddenly remembered that I forgot to buy biscuits for my dogs. Then I got relief thinking that I have a packet that was kept in my desk. It was our beloved Baba. He takes care of every creature in the world. Thank you so much Baba for all your help. Please bless everyone.

Please Baba forgive me for all my sins. I promise it won’t ever happen again. Thank you so much Baba for all your help. Please fulfil this wish of mine. Please bless everyone Baba. Thank you Sai.

Anantkoti Brahmandnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shri Sacchidanand Sadhguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!!.

Baba’s Miracle – Unbelievable:

I started SaiBaba puja since 2012..but after my marriage I am devotee of SaiBaba. I am in a all India transferable central govt job..posted in my home state since my wife is a govt servent. Every Thursday I am doing Sai puja ….All of a sudden I am transferred to out of my state , unexpectedly..I am in deep trouble…bcoz it is difficult in my part to shift my family as wife is working in Govt job.

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Excellent Miracle of Baba.
Excellent Miracle of Baba.

I am shattered..what to do? ..I just praying SaiBaba to cancel my transfer …I prayed day & night , I am sleepless…just surrender in Baba’s feet and praying to help me..
Miracle happened…Baba helped me ,other people who are transferred outside they already joined but my higher official told me that you continue there…till now nothing happened.i am continuing in my place.

Baba saved me from a disaster in my life….I hope baba will help me in remaining period of my life.I pray Baba please help me always.. biggest aim of my life is to pray u till my last breath.

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