SaiMaa Miracle – A Devotee Experience

Hello devotees, we are presenting another SaiMaa Miracle from one of the sai devotees.

SaiMaa miracle and sai is our strength

I have written my experiences before. A big Thanks for the entire team for their efforts and make it successful. By reading His miracle we get strength to face all the challenges.

Coming to my experience. Earlier I was in dubai with my husband and daughters. For my elder daughter studies we three of us shifted back to india. My husband used to visit us whenever he gets leave.

One day he gave us as a surprise visit. Till he reached here all was fine. Afternoon he was not well at all can’t even walk or talk.

Next day we went to hospital , doctor did complete check up and shocked to find his creatine abnormally high. He said it’s a surprise that he has reached all alone safely with this much of creatine and diagnosed with kidney failure. Next step was kidney transplantation and till then dialysis. Asked him to get admitted immediately.

SaiMaa Miracle.
SaiMaa Miracle.

I was shattered after hearing the news. Just went for general chk up and got a shocking news of my life. He is a person with no bad haibits, very much health conscious,he does yoga and excerise regularly. Doctor himself was surprised seeing him and did all tests again.Doctor said ur look and test report are two extremes. My husband was very much strong and told everything will be fine have faith in Baba.

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In our case everything went on very well.His brother voluntereed for donating his kidney. My husband joined an MNC just 5 months before. But his boss was very supportive told focus on ur surgery rest he will take care.Money part his company insurance took care of.

Within 3 months surgery is over and after 6 months he resumed his work. For us everything is Sai. SAI came in the form of his brother , Boss , insurance etc. An employee who joined new and company waited for 7 months which is impossible. Without Sai everything was impossible us.
Second experience was last week i need to travel to india as my daughter’s board exam coming up.

But visa was under process and after 2 days my travel date still my visa was not ready. My journey on the date was fading But daughter stared crying badly and she recited Stavan Manjari . Next day being holiday we could arrange my visa and I travelled as decided. OUR SAI IS GREAT.

Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram. How much ever we thank our Baba it would be less. Sainath Maharaja ki Jay. You may be interested in Eggplant Seed Germination Process.



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