Miracle Of UDI – Anonymous Devotee from India

First of all I will like to appreciate you for this wonderful blog, which helps us to strengthen our faith in Saibaba and brings us more closer to Him. I really have no words to describe my Baba. I just can say my life is my Saibaba. I can’t count number of experiences, which I have with Saimaa. But here I want to mention an amazing UDI miracle.

Some days before, my cellphone fell in water and it stopped working. The display of my phone was damaged. I was tense that I will have to go to Samsung center for its repairing. For whole one day, I tried number of times to start it but I failed. The very next day, I thought that I should sprinkle some UDI over my phone. I did it. After half an hour, when I switched on my phone, I saw that it was working and the display was normal. I was really surprised. This can be a miracle only and was because of grace of Saimaa. Really miracles still happen and every Sai Bhakt knows this very well. I just want to say that Baba loves all of us unconditionally.

What I have felt in my life is that we have to go through many ups and down in our life, but it’s because of our karma, but in each and every situation Saimaa is always there for His devotees. Love You Saimaa and just be with us always.


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