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Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I am Baba devotee. I am married and Baba blessed me with 2 kids (boy and girl). I work for a software company in our state. I really appreciate your work . I feel this site as Sai Baba parayanam. Thank you so much and please continue your work. May Sai Baba bless you andyour family with lots of happiness. Please feel free to do correction where needed and also keep my name and e-mail id anonymous. This is my first time to share my experience .I have lots of experiences with BABA, but I would like to share this story because I thought of sharing when my wish come true. So here comes the Sai Baba miracle.

In Oct 2012, I had interview with a company called xxx , and everything went good. But, I did not get that offer due to some personal problems with my vendor. I cried a lot and decided not to attend any job interview. But we know it won’t happen like that in real life. Then on one fine day, I started my job hunt again. But still I use to ask Baba for job in that xxx company, which I know it’s not possible as I got rejection from that company xxx.

In Dec 2012, one of my friend, who works in same company xxx, called me and said there are some positions in the company xxx. I was so excited and informed my employer. Then he suggested me to applyby changing the name on resume. But, I did not like that idea .So I did not apply. And I was preparing for a interview in another company YYY, which was at 4pm. But I was asking BABA why did he raise this issue again, when I am trying to forget and I said “As You raised, so You solve my problem”. I was crying and at the same time I was trying divert myself to concentrate on interview which I have to attend at 4p.m.

Suddenly, I got a call from the new vendor, who was asking me that when will be the right to attend interview in company xxx. I did not understand for a second, but I said anytime. So she said that she will give me a call and hanged the phone. I was so happy and nervous at the same time. I thought it could be BABA’s miracle, so to make it sure I asked BABA which ever company interviews me first, I should get job in that company. Though I know I have to attend interview at 4pm with YYY company. There comes another miracle of BABA. Within 10min, I got a call from that new vendor saying I will have interview at 2 pm with company XXX, I was so happy and excited. In that excitement I did not do that good. But some where I was so confident that I am going to get this job as asked BABA.

Shraddha and Saburi. He will definitely fulfill your wish in some or other way. May Baba bless you all and thank you for reading . JAI SAI RAM.

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